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Alton Brown would like to apologize for that ‘flippant’ Holocaust tweet

Alton Brown would like to apologize for that ‘flippant’ Holocaust tweet

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Food Network Good Eats and Iron Chef America host Alton Brown apologized today for a series of joking Twitter references to concentration camps and the Holocaust.

The 58-year-old Brown at first defended his remarks, then admitted they were in “poor taste.”

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In his tweetstorm that sparked an uproar, Brown asked, “So, when they move us to the camps, do you think they’ll let us choose the state? I’m going to ask for Kansas because the sky is so gorgeous there… over the wheat,” he wrote.

He later added, “Do you think the camp uniforms will be striped, like the ones at Auschwitz, or will plaid be in vogue?” He then said that he had “no gold fillings” when a Twitter responder said the uniform would depend on his personal wealth.

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