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What Is Going on With Ashley Benson and G-Easy?

What Is Going on With Ashley Benson and G-Easy?

Ashley Benson and G-Easy

In light of the recent split between Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, it is more than a little surprising that Ashley started is reportedly up to something with G-Eazy.

And what is it about G-Eazy that makes him so datable? Does he have a huge penis? Is he the sweetest man alive (according to Halsey, that is a big nope)?

G-Easy has previously been linked to Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Victoria’s Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum, and possibly Britney Spears.

The quarantine is affecting a lot of people, and it seems there have been some changes in the relationship status of G-Eazy and Ashley Benson. According to sources, Ashley Benson was dating Cara Delevingne for several years, but the two broke up on April 21. Now, she’s been hanging out with G-Eazy and the two of them were spotted kissing.

If we can assume anything from Ashley Benson simply liking a post on Instagram in which she seems to shut down the dating rumor.

When a Cara and Ashley fan account reposted a Cut article about the G-Eazy rumors, the account admin captioned it, “You can’t say they are dating just because of a Like and some comments. Can’t Ashley have friends now? STOP SAYING ASHLEY CHEATED! OR EVEN CARA! They just need friends right now more than ever. ✋🏼”

The screenshot also included this line from the article:

“At this point, I’m not fully convinced they’re dating….Also, while rebounds are notoriously regrettable, imagine going from Cara Delevingne to G-Eazy. I simply cannot!”

Ashley liked the post. G-Easy shade and all.

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Meanwhile, Cara is coming to Ashley’s defense, as she posted a note on her Instagram Story today (May 15, 2020).

“It’s more important now than ever to spread love, not hate. To everyone hating on @ashleybenson please stop. You don’t know the truth, only her and I do and that’s exactly how it should be,” she wrote.

Cara Delevingne Instagram Story
Photo via Cara Delevingne/Instagram
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