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Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood comes out as gay

Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood comes out as gay

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Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood sat down with Robin Roberts on Wednesday morning for a deeply personal interview, revealing that he is gay.

In the interview, Underwood, who is also a former pro football player, was very emotional revealing the truths he learned about himself during quarantine.

“Obviously this year’s been a lot for a lot of people, and it’s probably made a lot of people look themselves in the mirror and figure out who they are and what they’ve been running from and putting off in their lives. For me, I’ve ran from myself for a long time and I’ve hated myself for a long time, and I’m gay. I came to terms with that that earlier this year and have been processing it,” Underwood told Roberts. “The next step in all of this is sort of letting people know. I’m still nervous, but it’s been a journey for sure.”

“I’m emotional, but I’m emotional in such a good, happy, positive way,” he continued. “I’m like the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. That means the world to me.”

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