Chris Evans’ high school friends shot Captain America set footage and they were not impressed

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Chris Evans as Captain America

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Chris Evans put a ton of heart and sweat into his tenure as Captain America, including plenty of thrilling stunts. Evans recently shared a funny set video of himself mid-stunt, featuring his friend who looked on unimpressed.

On Wednesday, the actor posted a clip of footage on the set of 2011’s Captain America, where he was joined by his high school friends Zach and Jon, who he explained worked as his “assistants” on the film at the time.

Apparently the job description included openly mocking Evans, as he performed a variety of stunts, with one of his friends shaking his head in disapproval after every take.

“Zach got a lot of great footage,” Evans wrote alongside the video. “Jon was unimpressed.”

At one point, as Evans is suspended in the air during an action sequence, his friend turns to the camera and quips, “He will fall. I hope he falls. You can tell him I said that.”

When the other pal reminds him that Evans is being held up by wires, he jokes, “Bro, you’ve never heard of an accident before?”

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