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Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson in the Men In Black: International Trailer — Endnotes

Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson in the Men In Black: International Trailer — Endnotes

Men In Black: International

Six years after Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ Men in Black trilogy hit theaters, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are filling their black suits in the new trailer for Men in Black International.

Men in Black International is a spinoff of the original Men in Black series. The film follows Hemsworth’s Agent H and Thompson’s Agent M as they head to London, a departure from the first films, which famously took place in New York City.

Men in Black International hits theaters on June 14th, 2019.

Keanu Reeves would love to be the next Wolverine! Keanu threw his name into the ring when was asked by if he would like to play Batman after Ben Affleck, or Wolverine after Hugh. He said: “Of the two, I’d love to play Wolverine.”

Why didn’t Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan become BFF’s? “Back in the day, we were friends. [Lindsay] is just, like, one of those people I just don’t really trust. And I only like to be around positive energy and good people — good vibes only,” she quipped to Andy Cohen. That’ll do it.

Harvey Weinstein is still facing sexual assault charges in New York. The disgraced filmmaker’s defense team wanted a Manhattan judge to dismiss the case against him after allegations that an NYPD detective interfered with witnesses, but the judge on Thursday refused to do so, telling prosecution and defense lawyers that his decision “does not dismiss the indictment,” the New York Daily News reports.

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