Chrissy Teigen Reveals Major Swollen Lips After Weird Altitude Sickness

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Chrissy Teigen reveals major swollen lips after weird altitude sickness

The Bring the Funny star shared on Twitter that her lower lip is extremely swollen due to angioedema, an allergic reaction that can be caused by altitude sickness.

This looks super painful.

“did you know angioedema can be triggered from altitude sickness?” Teigen tweeted Saturday. “learn something new every day! my lip about to explode. goodbye world”

Teigen is in Utah to celebrate the wedding of her friends Meghan Mackenzie and Luke Dillon and jokingly blamed her birth state saying that Utah “has chosen to poison me with terrible altitude sickness.”

“Luke, Meghan, why have you chosen to get married in a place which would try to destroy me?” she teased in the video.

“It’s so big it’s shiny and hard like glass,” Teigen described her swollen lip.

And she took to her Instagram Stories to show how she covered up the swelling with makeup before she attended a wedding with celebrity hairstylist and OUAI creator, Jen Atkin.

She is then seen inhaling oxygen from a can to help with the swelling. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” she says.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Even though she was suffering from angioedema, Teigen somehow managed to pull off yet another flawless look, which her husband John Legend shared on Instagram. The singer wrote, “Wedding date! Congratulations to @lukecdillon and @meghan.mackenzie!!!”

Hopefully, Chrissy recovered quickly.

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