Felicity Huffman breaks her silence on the college admissions scandal: ‘My undying shame’

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Felicity Huffman
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Actress Felicity Huffman has opened up about her role in a college admissions scandal that landed her in federal prison.

It had been four years since Felicity Huffman had done her time in prison for her part in the 2019 college admissions scandal, and the former Desperate Housewives actress recently revealed her reasons for getting involved in the matter.

Huffman expressed to ABC-7 Eye Witness News in an interview on November 30th that she had to give her daughter a chance at a future and, ultimately, break the law to do so.

Back in 2019, Huffman was charged with mail fraud and honest services mail fraud for allegedly paying $15,000 to have the SAT scores of her daughter Sophia, who she shares with William H. Macy, falsified, as per court documents. These actions were stated in a previous indictment.

Huffman confessed to feeling anxious regarding the plan, constantly questioning the choice until the instant she chauffeured her daughter to the exam.

The 60-year-old recounted, “She was asking, ‘Do you think we can get ice cream after the test? I'm scared. Is there something fun we can do?' My conscience kept telling me to turn around, but I didn't listen to it. I regret that now.”

In the scandal, Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were among the 40 people who were charged. The couple also pled guilty to the charges that were brought against them. Huffman was also one of the individuals included in this group.

Huffman recounted the series of incidents that culminated in her bribing. This began with her being introduced to Rick Singer, the primary mastermind behind the scandal.

In January, Rick Singer, who had been found guilty of conspiracy to engage in racketeering and money laundering for his part in the college admission scandal, was given a sentence of 42 months in prison and was commanded to forfeit $10 million.

She recalled, “At the beginning of the year, he said none of the colleges my daughter was interested in would accept her. I was naive enough to believe him. So, when he suggested the criminal scheme, it seemed like the only way to give her a future. When I look back on it, it seems like a foolish decision, but at the time, I felt like not doing it would make me a bad mother. So, I did it.”

Huffman, reminisced about the strange experience of being taken into custody by the FBI in March of 2019.

She recollected the moment they barged into her residence. The sight of firearms abruptly woke up her daughters. Afterward, her hands were placed behind her back, and she was handcuffed. She questioned if it was a prank. She recollects turning to one of the FBI personnel, wearing protective gear and a gun, and asking if it was in jest.

Huffman admitted her guilt and was given a 14-day sentence, yet only served 11 days and had to pay a fee of $30,000. In contrast, Macy was not charged for his involvement in the scandal.

The American Crime actor chose to speak out regarding the controversy to bring attention to the non-profit organization A New Way of Life. This organization provides formerly incarcerated women with housing, clothing, job training, and safety.

Huffman, who is now part of A New Way of Life's board of directors said, “when I saw what A New Way of Life was doing, which is they heal one woman at a time—and if you heal one woman, you heal her children, you heal her grandchildren and you heal the community.”

“I think the people I owe a debt and apology to is the academic community,” she added. “And to the students and the families that sacrifice and work really hard to get to where they are going legitimately.”

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