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For $6.99 You Can Get a Whiff of Harry Styles

For $6.99 You Can Get a Whiff of Harry Styles

Harry Styles

A candle that reportedly smells just like the Harry Styles has completely sold out at Target.

Styles’ fans know that he wears Tom Ford‘s Tobacco Vanille fragrance to enhance his natural aroma. They figured that the $6.99 Cashmere Vanilla candle made by Target’s Threshold brand must smell almost exactly like the Tom Ford cologne and therefore just like Harry.

Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille fragrance

One fan who was lucky enough to get their hands one a candle posted:

CASHMERE VANILLA. The one and only Harry Styles candle that smells like the Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford Cologne. It’s heavenly. I bought two. Even if you don’t like Harry Styles, it’s an amazing candle. 11/10 would recommend. It smells so good

While another fan who attempted to buy the candle to no avail wrote:

every target i’ve been to since i found out there is a candle that SMELLS LIKE HARRY STYLES!!! iS ALWAYS OUT of that specific candle. (iykyk, not sharing bc i want to just smell THIS CANdle) all i want is to burn this damn candle next to my bed and cry to cherry. THATS ALL I WANT.

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Cashmere Vanilla candle made by Target's Threshold brand

No word on when the candle will be back in stock.


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