Henry Cavill is uncomfortable being reminded he’s a ‘very large man’

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Henry Cavill

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Regardless of one’s opinion on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, most people can get behind Henry Cavill. He’s a decent Superman, seems like a pretty decent guy, can grow a decent (if weirdly problematic) mustache, and apparently improvised that much-more-than-decent “arm reload thing” in Mission Impossible: Fallout.

He is also decently good looking, which doesn’t particularly factor into the previous information, but nonetheless frequently comes up whenever the subject of Henry Cavill arises. Especially if the subject of Henry Cavill arises when Henry Cavill is in the same room.

“You’re a very large man,” a reporter interrupts as Cavill discusses Ben Affleck being “a very large man.” “In a good way!” she then clarifies, which we all (including Henry Cavill) already surmised by her tone, nervous giggle, and literal fanning of herself.

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