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Jamie Dornan’s full Edgar’s Prayer music video is something to behold — WATCH

Jamie Dornan’s full Edgar’s Prayer music video is something to behold — WATCH

Jamie Dornan's full Edgar's Prayer music video

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If Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar didn’t give you enough chuckles as it is, this new music video starring Jamie Dornan certainly will.

Dornan delivers an ultra-cheesy love song in the “Edgar’s Prayer” music video. Production takes place on a resort beach.

The popular actor runs through the sand, sings to the sky, performs ballet moves and climbs a palm tree.

“Seagulls in the stand can you hear my prayer. I keep trying but I’m getting nowhere,” Dornan passionately sings. “… Fall down, under her spell. Am I in heaven or am I in hell.”

Watch Jamie Dornan in the music video for “Edgar’s Prayer”

Bonus: Listen to the “Edgar’s Prayer (Seagull Club Remix)” by Jason Lee

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