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Jennifer Garner’s Son Gave Her a Check for Being a Good Mom

Jennifer Garner’s Son Gave Her a Check for Being a Good Mom

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I think this kid is on to something! Jennifer Garner, the mother of three (Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10 and Samuel, 7), shared a photo of a check written to her by her son, Samuel, for a whopping $168.42.

The 7-year-old wrote that the reason for the check for his mother was for “being my mama.”

And the lime green check comes right from the official “Piggy Bank” and is complete with a date written out: Dec. 25, 2019.

Garner, 47, shared a photo of the check on her Instagram account: “Apparently, birthing and raising someone is valued at $168.42. I guess I should keep my day job,” she wrote in the caption with two hashtags, “#iwouldbehismamaforfree” and “ohwaitIalreadyam.”

This isn’t the first time Garner gushed about the bond she shares with her son. Just this past December, she took Samuel to see Disney on Ice and later revealed on Instagram that she asked if he would always be her date, to which he replied, “Always, Mom. Even when I’m a grown up.”

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