Jonathan Majors texts appear to refer to previous assault on ex-girlfriend

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Jonathan Majors
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In the nail-biting criminal domestic violence trial of actor Jonathan Majors, shocking text messages were read aloud, exposing a jaw-dropping revelation.

Picture this: It's September 22, 2022, just a few days after the alleged incident that rocked their shared north London home. Grace Jabbari, a talented dancer and former flame of Majors, claims that he flew into a violent rage while filming Magazine Dreams.

According to the explosive texts, Majors, now 34, strongly discouraged Jabbari from seeking medical help for her injuries. Why, you ask? Brace yourself for this bombshell: he feared it would trigger an “investigation.”

“It's just fake,” Majors texted Jabbari, urging her to steer clear of the hospital. “And you have, I fear, no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital. They will ask you questions and, as I don't think you can actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation, even if you do lie and they suspect something.”

Hold up, there's more! Jabbari, who has been testifying for four days straight, responded with a shocking promise: she would cover for Majors. “I will tell the doctor that I bumped my head,” she texted back, desperate to protect their bond. “If I go, I'm going to give it one more day. But I can't sleep and I need some stronger painkillers. Why would I tell them what really happened when it's clear I want to be with you?”

The tension is palpable, folks! The exact timing of the injury remains a mystery, but trust us, you won't be able to tear your eyes away from this courtroom spectacle. Jabbari previously testified that the alleged incident occurred on September 19, 2023, when Majors confronted her for going out with a friend before returning home for dinner.

The tale continues to unfold, with Jabbari accusing Majors of ripping her headphones out, stomping on them, hurling her clothes into bags, and even throwing household items around the room. We can't forget the surprise twist—an unrevealed September 2022 police report, alluded to by the prosecution, has yet to make an appearance in court. The judge has been keeping a tight rein on evidence, leaving us on the edge of our seats.

Majors is on trial over a separate March 2023 incident in which he's accused of attacking Jabbari in the backseat of a car in New York City.

The Ant-Man and Loki star has pleaded not guilty to all four charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment in connection to the incident.

He's accused Jabbari of being violent toward him; she was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge based on his allegation, but prosecutors immediately dropped the charges.



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