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Leonardo DiCaprio Forced to Return Oscar, But Not ‘That’ Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio Forced to Return Oscar, But Not ‘That’ Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio had to hand over his Academy Award statue, but it’s not the one he won for The Revenant.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star just so happens to be a collector of eclectic and historically celebrated items, so when the Oscar belonging to Marlon Brando that he keeps at his home was caught up in a fraud case last year, DiCaprio contacted the Justice Department and gave it to authorities.

The 44-year-old actor – who ended a long career journey when he was named best actor for his role in 2015’s The Revenant – was gifted Marlon Brando’s 1954 trophy for On The Waterfront, and he will have to hand it over to authorities due to an ongoing court case.

As reported by The New York Times, Malaysian financier Jho Low gave Leonardo the award after originally buying it at an auction for $600,000.

Low, who financed the actor’s movie The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, is accused of committing fraud against an investment fund for billions of dollars.

As well as Brando’s Oscar, the star has also handed over other presents given by Low, including a Pablo Picasso painting.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences retains the right to buy any of its statues for just $1, so it is expected that’s where the trophy will be returned to following the end of the investigation.

DiCaprio was not the only celebrity that was given these type of gifts by Low. Per The New York Times, Low bought the clear-acrylic grand piano from Crystal Music Company and gave it to Miranda Kerr. Of course, Kerr will have to give it up, but due to some complications with taking it out of her house, it will have to stay (for a while, at least).

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