Matthew McConaughey’s Alter Ego Bobby Bandito Teaches Us How to Make a DIY Face Mask

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Matthew McConaughey's Alter Ego Bobby Bandito

Matthew McConaughey released a PSA on Monday (April 13, 2020) about making a stay-at-home mask saying “we’ve got more livin’ to do.”

The Oscar winner posted a video to social media of him as “Bobby Bandito,” a new persona he has taken on to teach fans how to make their very own face masks using a few household items we likely already have: a bandanna, two rubber bands and a coffee filter.

“I say it's high time to catch this killer, 'cause we got more living' to do,” he said in the minute-long video after nailing a wanted poster for COVID-19 to a tree.

“Now remember, stay at home. But if you gotta go, strap it on like so,” he added, urging everyone to work together to defeat the coronavirus “Bobby B-style.”

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we’ve got more livin to do #BobbyBandito

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McConaughey and his wife Camila showed their support for their city during the coronavirus pandemic by donating boxes of face masks to first responders in Austin on Friday, according to a Facebook post from the Austin Fire Department.

The donation is part of the McConaugheys' commitment to gift 80,000 N-95 masks to healthcare workers, firefighters and police officers in Austin and Louisiana. The couple told Austin fire officials that the department will be receiving several thousands of masks very soon, the Facebook post said.

Camila posted about their donation on her Instagram account Friday, writing that she and her husband are working with American reality television personality Bethenny Frankel and her organization The BStrong Gem to help provide the necessary items to the first responders.

The BStrong Gem works directly with manufacturers to ensure the necessary items are sent to people and hospitals across the nation, according to the organization's website. More than $16,000 has been donated to BStrong Gem to help support its mission, the website says.

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