Rising Star, Singer Almondmilkhunni Answers the Socialite Seven

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From barista to pop star, Brandy Schwechler, a.k.a. Almondmilkhunni, is making her dreams come true – and making some addictively appealing music too.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Almondmilkhunni got her start in music as a kid. Raised in a devoutly religious Latino family, she was influenced by her father, who filled their home with song, and began singing in the church choir at the age of 13.

With a basic understanding of guitar and piano, but no formal vocal training, she taught herself how to sing by harmonizing with the music of Aaliyah, inspired to match her same vocal range.

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Almondmilkhunni has created a sound described as “dreamy pop soundscapes tinged with R&B and layered with warm, ethereal vocals.” Her independently-released breakout single, 2019’s “Grapefruit,” went viral, with more than 830,000 streams and the video for her follow up track, “Henni Heartbreak,” has clocked over 275,000 plays in less than six weeks.

Her latest single, “Bandana,” is the first release on her self-titled EP, which dropped last week. The song samples Usher’s “U Remind Me” over hypnotic production and showcases her Almondmilkhunni’s signature sound and attitude.

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Through music, Almondmilkhunni still hopes to help people through her art. “This was something that was very present for me in starting the musical journey. I’m the type of person where I need to feel like what I’m doing has a purpose or I just won’t do it,” she shares.

As a former dancer, a trade she picked up while enrolled in college to put herself through school, Almondmilkhunni is an advocate for sex workers and body positivity. She asserts, “I realized when you’re just yourself and you embrace who you are for the good and the bad, that in itself can move people to do the same and be authentic in their lives. I’m just going to be unabashedly who I am and I want that to translate through my music so people can feel inspired to be authentically who they are, too.”

This up-and-coming singer shares even more as she answers the Socialite Seven. Learn more about the singer here:

When did you know that you wanted to become a singer? And have there been any moments in which you regretted your decision (in the moment)?

I always wanted to be a singer, but it was always just a dream to me until I decided to take it seriously and take time off from school to pursue it. I’ve never regretted my decision, honestly. There’s been a few road bumps, but I’ve never felt regret.

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Who has had the biggest influence on your music and why?

There’s definitely a ton of artists who influence my music, but a few would be SZA, Summer Walker, and Aaliyah, along with so many others.

Who (if anyone) would you love to collaborate with? 

I’ve always been a huge fan of The-Dream and his music but also his songwriting and production, so that would be super cool to work with him. But I would be so hype if I could work with Megan Thee Stallion.

What type of music or artist that you listen to frequently do you think your fans would be surprised to learn that you're a fan of? 

I listen to a lot of indie alternative and bedroom pop like HOMESHAKE, Triathalon, Victor Internet, and a friend just recently put me on to Car Seat Headrest.

What are you hoping to achieve with your music?

I don’t have specific things in mind other than to make music for a living and continue to develop my craft and to put out music that’s better and better with every release. I also want to inspire others with my music, or just with the type of things that I talk about.


What are three things you can’t live without? 

1. I almost always have my sage, tea tree, and lavender oils with me. 
2. Lip gloss, probably
3. Guided meditations

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

I’m not sure if there’s anything that really sticks with me because I can be pretty stubborn and I tend to listen to my own advice before anyone else’s, but I think it would be that if something really matters to you, then you wouldn’t give up on it easily.

Almondmilkhunni’s debut EP is available wherever you get your music. Keep up with the latest news and music from this talented singer by following her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

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