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Noah Centineo Lays a Dreamy Thirst Trap

Noah Centineo Lays a Dreamy Thirst Trap

Noah Centineo

Continuing his flirtation with the world via social media, Noah Centineo, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actor is featured in a photo essay published on Instagram by artist Sarah Bahbah titled, “Dear Love.”

Bahbah posted six of the series’ first photos on Instagram. More photos are yet to come.

Bahbah tapped the young actor, whom she calls “incredibly grounded and wise,” as the muse for her latest photo series.

The series came to be as a result of Instagram DM, but according to Sarah, “It’s much more serendipitous than that.” The two minds met for coffee on Friday, September 14 — and shot the series two days later. The duo released the first few images of the series on September 19 and will be releasing the rest of the series over the course of the next few days.

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