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Blake Adam

Blake Adam has taken us to church with his hilarious podcast about the Real Housewives franchise, The Church of Housewives and now he’s here with a brand new podcast. On Blonde Hair Black Heart, Blake and his guests discuss all things pop culture and current events. The premiere episode, which dropped on Monday, featured guest Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules.

We had the chance to chat with Blake about the inspiration for the new podcast, his dream guests and what we can expect with the new series. Read on in our exclusive interview!

After the success of Church of Housewives, what drove you to create yet another podcast? 

Doing The Church of Housewives podcast is so fun, but it’s also so focused. At any given time, we have 2 or 3 different cities of The Real Housewives to recap, plus any news or talk in the media about Housewives from various cities. With all of the Housewives content to discuss, we rarely branch off onto other subjects. Doing a show that is open-ended in terms of what can be discussed presents so much opportunity.

I can literally discuss anything! Plus, our listeners have come to know me after 2 years of doing The Church of Housewives, and I thought it would be fun to give them a place to get to know a more personal side of me and not just my opinions on one series.

Blake Adam talks Blonde Hair Black Heart

Where did the title Blonde Hair Black Heart come from? 

I have always been blonde and my hair is a very important part of my identity – try not to laugh. I also have always been very strong-willed, very opinionated, and very honest. I tell it like it is, for better or worse. While most people in my life deem these as respectable traits, if not a few of my personality highlights, there are some people who think I am mean! WTF! Sweet ole me?! In reality I am a big softy – like, I cry several times a week – so I always joke that I am far from heartless…my heart is just black! And a black heart is definitely better than no heart! Plus, let’s be honest, don’t you want your podcast host to be opinionated and honest?!

What can listeners expect from this new podcast? 

Lots of takes on TV, movies, music, and more… lots of laughs and embarrassing stories from my life… and a lot of really exciting special guests!

Who’s on your “dream guest” list for the show? 

This one is tough but my dream guest would be my queen bee – Britney Spears. But I think she’s gonna go chat with Oprah first. I heard it was a tough call between our two shows, though. More realistic dream guests would be Andy Cohen, the king of Bravo, or Kelly Clarkson, the American Idol. They stay pretty booked and busy though, so we’ll have to cross our fingers that they can fit us in.

Blake Adam katie maloney

How do you choose what topics to discuss? 

The beauty of hosting a show with no set topic is that I can discuss whatever I want! I choose what to discuss based on what has happened in my life that week or what shows or movies I have seen recently. Sometimes topics will come to mind during recording the show. Ultimately, all of the topics will be things that I am passionate about, excited about, sad about, or angry about. And of course, we will focus our episode topics on whoever our guest is that week, as well! Gotta keep it topical!

What topics are you hoping to tackle on the show? 

All things pop culture, plus current events and maybe even some politics and social issues. I am not afraid of dipping my toe into controversial topics, but at the end of the day the show will always be light and fun.

What pop culture topics would you not want to touch with a 10-foot pole? 

Sports! Only because I would have nothing to say.

Where and when can listeners tune in for new episodes? 

You can listen to Blonde Hair Black Heart on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! We will be releasing new episodes on a regular basis so make sure to subscribe or turn on notifications so you don’t miss any!

How can fans stay in touch with you and the show?   

Follow the show on Instagram @blondehairblackheart and Twitter @blndhairblckhrt and stay in touch with me personally @blaaaaaaake

Blake Adam



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