Shannon Beador addresses DUI Arrest at BravoCon: ‘I made a terrible, terrible mistake’

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Shannon Beador

Following Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador’s arrest and subsequent sentencing on a DUI charge in September, fans of Bravo’s OG Housewives franchise were eager to see what might unfold at the “The Way We OC It” panel at BravoCon 2023. Some speculated that Beador might cancel her scheduled appearance at the network’s fan convention.

But Beador was strong enough to appear at Friday’s (Nov. 03, 2023) panel, to the delight of fans. In the end, Beador kept her head (and ponytail) held high, stepping out onto the Glam Stage at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas to a standing ovation from the crowd to tell them about the “inventory” she’s been taking on her life since.

Panel moderator Danny Pellegrino kicked things off by “addressing the elephant in the room,” letting Beador have the floor to speak about DUI in a public forum for the first time since her arrest. “I made a terrible, terrible mistake,” Beador began. “And—I’m going to cry—I’m incredibly grateful that I didn’t hurt anybody.” The audience erupted in cheers of support, vocalizing their support for Beador (presumably, her dog Archie, who was present during the arrest).

“But I, on my own, just completed a 28-day behavior wellness program with an alcohol component,” Beador continued. “I have been able to focus on elements of my life that were unhealthy and toxic. And I believe that today, I am going in a good and positive direction.”

Beador thanked the audience again for their support before Pellegrino moved on to break down some of the events still swirling around the cast after their latest season.

At the end of the panel, the focus was back on Beador, who navigated her situation with just enough fun to keep the audience entertained despite its darkness. “At 59 years old, I had never had a concussion, a broken bone, a car accident, an arrest, or a DUI,” she began. “And I was able to check off all of those boxes in three seconds.”

“That’s frightening!” Beador continued. “And I’ve been able to take an inventory of my life. Was I drinking too much? Absolutely. [My fellow cast members’] concern was genuine, and I appreciate it.”



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