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The Week in Drag – All Star makeovers, Sasha Colby gets glam on a budget, Priyanka looks back and more

The Week in Drag – All Star makeovers, Sasha Colby gets glam on a budget, Priyanka looks back and more

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars

Hello, hello, hello! We are back with a slightly abbreviated Week in Drag. It seems a lot of queens took the week off with the holiday, but never fear, we have searched the internet to bring you the finest drag content from your favorite queens.

This week, the remaining three All Stars performed drag makeovers that made us pine for the days of Drag U (RIP) and we now know the two queens who will be battling for the crown. Last week, the queens roasted Carson Kressley and brought some frosty fashions to the runway, and our favorite ru-cappers are here to give you their two cents on the looks and the drama.

We also check in with our latest crowned queen, our favorite makeup maven and more. Let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, we are down to our final three – Kandy, Jimbo and Jessica. As the queens enter the week room after Alexis sashayed away, Jimbo is ecstatic after winning his first lip sync last week (against Silky, no less), and Kandy is jealous but confident that she will take the crown. Jumbo told the other queens that she picked Alexis to go home solely based on track record and judges’ critiques. They checked the lipsticks in the box to discover that Alexis selected Jessica to go home. Kandy implied she selected Alexis as revenge for her sending LaLa home and this left Jimbo (for whatever reason) worried about the alliance she formed with Kandy earlier in the season. 

The next day, video Ru tells the top three they are going to have to “paint like a master” this week, which has the werk room buzzing. IRL Ru (in a fabulous jacket) enters and treats us to a mini challenge (it’s about time.) This time, the queens have a whopping 45 minutes to create a Jean Paul Gautier-inspired fragrance, using their own torsos as the bottle inspiration. They also have to name their scent, making sure it’s a blend of sex, wit, and timeless style.” Jessica decorates her corset with pineapples and calls her scent “Forbidden Juice.” Kandy is all pink and sparkles as she introduces “My Muse” and Jimbo goes subtle (for her) in a dark, feathered corset for “Lady Nightshade. Ru deems Forbidden Juice as the most “scent-sational” fragrance and awards Jessica $2500. 

As for this week’s maxi challenge, it’s brought to you by the letter “L”…as in lesbians. Yep, it’s time for the makeover challenge. We meet writer Amanda, barista Angie and non-profit employee Lisa (from Helen, Georgia!) They are randomly paired up with the queens via blind lipstick picking. Our teams are Amanda and Jimbo, Angie and Kandy, and Lisa and Jessica. 

The queens get to know their new drag daughters. Angie is a proud butch and is scared to show any signs of femininity but Kandy tells her that her own mom is a butch lesbian and is there to help her bring out her inner confidence. Lisa is a big-time introvert and it seems Jessica haas her work cut out for her but vows to help her discover her wild side. Amanda and Jimbo discover they both love pink but Amanda says she feels like a hideous bitch and wants to step out of her comfort zone (which shouldn’t be a problem, considering who her drag mentor is.) Jimbo first tries to put her into his Canada’s Drag Race entrance look, but Amanda is reluctant to go full clown. Sadly, Jimbo doesn’t have a lot of glamorous options, so it looks like he’s also got his work cut out for him. 

Ru checks in with the pairs and seems pleased with their progress, but, of course, Ru is all about throwing in a test so he informs the duos that in addition to walking the runway, they will have to lip sync to a mashup of Ru’s songs, called “Charisma Peanut Butter Bitch.” The choreography sessions are amusing because I have never seen men coming off so much more feminine than biological women in my life. But, when all is said and done, the drag moms and daughters bond and the subjects all love their makeovers. 

On the runway, the teams all delight Ru, Michelle, Carson and guest judge Zooey Deschanel (and may I insert here how much I miss New Girl.) Jessica and Kitty Wild serve a “lesbian Lady Gaga fantasy” complete with mega shoulders. Jimbo and Sissy Delicious wear sheer, sparkly mini dresses which look lovely on both of them (I don’t mind a glammed-up Jimbo every once in a while) and Kandy and Kookie Muse looks adorable in mod, color-blocked A-line mini dresses and big hair. As for the lip-sync, Kitty Wild struggles to get out of her shell, Jimbo and Sissy play it safe and Kookie is posing the house down boots. 

Not surprisingly, Kandy is the week’s big winner. As much as I love Jessica, I fear for Jimbo right now. This week’s lip sync assassin is Jimbo’s Canada’s Drag Race sister (and season one winner) Priyanka. She and Kandy face off to “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” by Destiny’s Child. It sure looks as if Kandy doesn’t know the words (we see a LOT of the back of her head and excessive ”hair-o-graphy”) but Priyanka is killing it. Sure enough, our queen from the Great White North wins and reveals that she has both Jessica’s and Jimbo’s lipsticks. This leaves Kandy to make the choice and she honors her alliance and sends our Escandalo queen home. 

So, we have our top two…and next week, the eliminated queens return for a Fame Games Variety Extravaganza (and the Kandy/Jimbo alliance is, understandably, over.) 

The fabulous Manila Luzon joins Bianca Del Rio to recap the roast of Carson Kressley and the runway looks on “The Pit Stop.” 

Bob and Monét talk about the Carson Kressley roast and so much more on “Sibling Watchery.”

Raja and Kerri Colby toot and boot the frosty runway fashions on the latest episode of “Fashion Photo Review.”

Of course, we can’t talk fashion without Yuhua Hamasaki, and she’s here to share her thoughts on the roast and snow bunny looks on “Bootleg Opinions.” 

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And that brings the curtain down on another week in the world of drag. Until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy, support the queens and say LOVE! 



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