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Thomas Roberts Brings on the Positivity With ‘Gay Good News’

Thomas Roberts Brings on the Positivity With ‘Gay Good News’

Thomas Roberts Gay Good News

Thomas Roberts, the first out national news host, has launched Gay Good News, a Facebook Live show in which he reviews happy headlines for the LGBTQ+ community, which is just what the doctor ordered during these quarantine days.

The world is a better place thanks to Roberts feeling restless while under stay-at-home orders.

He told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I was basically going stir-crazy. I didn’t have work to distract me. I just watched TV all day with all these ominous feelings of doom and gloom.”

The idea drew inspiration from the Some Good News web series created by The Office actor John Krasinski during the pandemic, Some Good News.

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” Roberts said. “There are so many good things happening in the world and it’s easy to lose sight of that. We need more good news!”

Roberts says: “Our world needs a morale boost. I wanted to do something to boost my own spirits and my friends in the LGBTQ community. That led to the birth of Gay Good News. Using Facebook as my platform was a no-brainer because I’m already on it daily. Like so many people, I’ve been sheltering-in-place with my husband Patrick since March. Now here we are, it’s June and it’s Pride Month, so this is my ‘coming-out’ again … just this time through Facebook!”

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The show debuted on June 8, and featured Leslie Jordan of Will & Grace fame.

“We can take this platform and celebrate things,” Roberts shared during his first episode on June 8. “We want your voice to be amplified… We hope to do something really fun and really special because we’ve been through a weird moment with isolation. For me, it’s deeply personal.”

Gay Good News‘ guests have included Kathy Griffin, Michelle Visage, Vern Yip, Fran Drescher, the previously mentioned Jordan and other notables.

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