Too Hot to Handle’s Nathan Webb turns up the heat on the OnlyFans cooking competition series This is Fire

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Nathan Webb This Is Fire

With his muscular good looks, charm and that British accent, Nathan Webb proved to be a force to be reckoned with on season two of Netflix’s dating competition show Too Hot to Handle.

Nathan has continued to sizzle on screen, this time on “This is Fire Season 2,” a saucy new cooking competition from OFTV, OnlyFans' free, safe-for-work streaming service.

After making it through 3 rounds of challenges, Nathan roasted the competition with his hidden culinary expertise and earned himself a cash prize of $20,000 as this season’s winner. In the Superfinales episode that is out today (March 16), Nathan goes head-to-head with This Is Fire season one winner Kazumi.

We had the chance to chat with Nathan about how he landed this unique opportunity to compete on This Is Fire, his culinary journey, how he plans to spend his prize money, and how fatherhood has changed him. Let’s get cooking!  

Nathan Webb This Is Fire

Congratulations on your victory. I watched This Is Fire. I watch Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen and I'm really fascinated with cooking. How did you get involved with the show?
That’s a great question. A lot of my friends have been involved with OFTV before and they vaguely knew that I enjoyed cooking. By that, I mean, I grill on the barbecue, and I do a lot of different things. So, they knew that I enjoyed cooking. It was really just how it was. They told a couple of the producers, “I have this guy that can cook. He's moderately funny. You may be able to put him on the show.”

So, we had a couple of conversations and I spoke about a few dishes that I like to cook. Honestly, I probably lied about my accomplishments a little bit about how good I was in the kitchen. “Yeah, no, I can make anything” (I can't make anything) and they seem to enjoy that. So that's how I landed the spot.

What were your favorite things to cook before you went on the show?

So, being in Texas, everything is meat, right? I love to smoke meats, so I'd always do briskets, ribs, chicken, lamb and steaks. That’s all I did, you know, I'm just a man. I just cook meat…and I suppose going onto a cooking show, I was a little bit intimidated. I'm like we're not just going to get a 12-ounce ribeye and some fries and figure it out. You know, it's going to be these dainty little dishes and it's going to be these very complex flavors and ingredients. But I was very confident in the sense that I can just throw a lot of things in, and it usually tastes good. So that's what I always used to say. It's like controlled chaos. Just toss it all in and figure it out from there.

This is a side question that I just had to ask about your second episode. Did you taste the other dish on the Chicken Parmesan challenge when Stevan used Old Bay?
Stevan’s chicken was terrible. (Laughs) I tasted it. Grand Master Chef (and show judge) Jojo did the tasting, whatever. And I think we, we cut just for a second, so I was like, “Stevan, let me try it real quick. I took a bite…and at that point, I was like, “if I don't beat this, I shouldn't be here.” He's on the east coast and he just loves dealing with shrimp and crab and whatever. I'm like, “Bro, you can’t just put Old Bay on everything. It doesn’t make it all better. It also wasn't one of the seasonings that we had there; he brought his own seasoning. I actually still have the Ziploc bag of all of Stevan’s seasonings because I refuse to give them back to him!

What was the biggest challenge for you in doing the show?
Definitely time management. I've said this a few times now, that with time management to be on time for meetings and interviews and things, I’m usually very good. I’m always there on time. But if someone says, “Hey, you need to produce this in an hour,” it's going to take me three. So, when I was on the show, of course, if nothing's plated within an hour, I'm serving up whatever's on my plate. I was being a lot more mindful and was struggling with almost every episode.

What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?
That I shouldn't always play down my strengths. I've said in a couple of interviews now that I'd always go into things and like, shoot low. I'd be like, “Yeah, I'm okay. I guess I'm alright. I can cook, I can probably do a little bit.” It's a mental thing, so I always wanted. I always said that around Jojo, the chef that was going to be judging us, because I wanted him to think like, “this guy sucks”, you know? He's expecting to, when he tries my dishes, for them to be awful. And then, when he tries them, he’s like, “Whoa, this is actually pretty good.” So, it was like a mental thing for me. I was like, make him think that I suck so when he tries it, it's good. I'm going to look better because he feels like I've accomplished more because I'm a bad cook. I am pretty good, and I should probably be a little bit more proud of that.

Now are you continuing to cook more adventurously since you've been on the show? Have you started to expand your culinary world beyond barbecue?

Okay. I have definitely expanded my orders on DoorDash. (Laughs) So, I go between Los Angeles and Fort Worth – my daughter is in Fort Worth – and when I'm in Fort Worth, I love to cook. I always say it's my diet time, so for two weeks I'll cook at home. And you're absolutely right. I've tried a lot more…like I would never cook with beets. I learned how to cook with beets, ricotta…I don't think you'll ever see me using ricotta again. I've started making curry. I love Indian food, so I started making like healthy curry, making my own breads, making my own naan bread, things that I never really would've done before. So, yeah, I'm definitely venturing away from just grilling a steak and adding some mashed potatoes and some peppercorn sauce and being done with it, which is nice.

I'm experiencing a lot more and I'm learning as well. I can text [Jojo] whenever I want and ask him about a dish, which is really cool. Even three or four months on from filming, I can just text him and say, “Hey, what would go well with salmon?” and he'll give me some sort of ingredients and recipe to go with salmon.

What was the best piece of advice you got from Jojo?

Knife skills! I suck with a knife. So, off-camera he would teach me various different ways to cut and to dice to speed things up. It links back to my time management, right? If I'm cutting an onion and I'm doing it [the way I did before the show], it's going to take me five minutes. So, he would just show me how to do this stuff, which is great. You know, that shaved so much time off.

And then, like I said, with various different dishes, he's just a text away. I could say, I have just some weird ingredients. I've got some octopus. What should I do with this octopus? He'll, like, I'll test him sometimes and just ask him some really weird stuff. I asked him what to do with tripe and he said, “just put it back.” So that's pretty cool.

You were on Too Hot to Handle before This is Fire. What was the bigger challenge for you? Being on a dating show or being on this cooking show?

I've said before, and it was beautiful that I didn't have to try and hit on anyone. It was great. I could just be filmed and be myself without having to try and flirt with people. Fantastic. I got to keep my clothes on – even better. I didn't have to get undressed. I loved that. I was so used to being on camera and like, “Okay, yeah, everyone take your shirts off.” So, this time it was weird. I'm like, “You don't want me to? No? Okay.” So, it was a really nice difference. It's also skill based. It was nice to be in a competition show that you're actually being judged off things that you produce and that you're good at as opposed to your looks. And it's pretty much, that's really all it is. When you’re on a show titled Too Hot to Handle, everyone thinks you're a moron. Like, be honest. So, it was nice to show that I actually have some sort of substance.

Now you're affiliated with OnlyFans. Are you planning to use it? What kind of content are you going to use to grow that platform for yourself? Are you going to do cooking videos?
I would love to. And especially with OFTV, I think it's a completely separate entity, right? I've said it a few times now, still in people's minds. I think you go back to covid years 2020, it's OnlyFans. They're like, “ah, they go on OnlyFans” and watch that [content], you know? And slowly the stigma is going away because you're getting so many big creators and in different spaces like fitness guys, cooking guys, yoga instructors. Do they have the same sort of following as the biggest adult stars? Probably not, but it's an opportunity for them to connect with people and to monetize the content and the skills they have. So, I would love to continue my relationship with OFTV, if that means cooking again, if that means training again, I would love to do that. I would love to run training classes, or I could even do shirtless cooking. I know it's still OnlyFans but doing something surrounding my passions, which are fitness and nutrition, would be really cool

Now I've, so I went on your social and your daughter is absolutely an angel. How do you think fatherhood has changed you?

I’ll tell you what, I've always been very, very respectful to women. It’s always been my thing. I hate men that are not, but now having a little girl, it's completely changed me. It's something that you can't explain, but I just want everything for her. I wouldn't say I was a selfish individual, but a lot of what I did up to her arriving was for the benefit of me, whether that's financially or going off on trips and whatever. And even her mother, I never really took other people's feelings into account, suppose.

But now, like I have this other life and she does rely on me, you know, she's unable to do things for herself right now, and I need to make sure that I'm raising her to be a reflection of me because she's going to be a reflection of her mother and I so, if I'm this idiot that's venturing around and going to Miami and getting drunk, that's not what I want her to see what her Dad is.

So it's definitely made me calm down. I was never crazy. But it's definitely made me just settle down a little bit. And everything I do now is for her, like weird stuff. You know, I'm 28, going to be 29 in a couple of days. I don't think about stuff like life insurance. Like, come on, I'm 28. But the moment she was born, the first thing I did was I got life insurance and put it in her name and l set up a college fund. The first thing I did was open a bank account, put some money in and said, “Okay, we leave that now until you're 18.” It's just odd like doing all these adult things that I've never done before.

What else is in the works for you?

I just launched a website called Reach New Heights, which I was working on for about a year. It's a fitness app. It's my workouts, so it's me recorded. I probably recorded 200 to 250 different workouts. Incorporated into that is all of my own recipes. So, all of my nutrition on there is stuff that I have put together with other chefs, but it's really my input.

I've always preached to people that fitness doesn't have to be boring. You can go have fun. I was just saying on an interview this morning, like during football season on a Saturday and Sunday, I'm drinking 12 beers. I'm eating a hotdog and I'm eating burgers and stuff, and I want people to know like, that's okay. Don't feel down about it. So, I incorporate different things into the website. You can put in like, “Hey, I drank 10 Dos Equis”. It'll calculate your calories. It'll then change your meal plan, perhaps for the next few days to kind of like bring you back down to that deficit. So that's what I wanted to do…just so people can feel better about themselves. We beat ourselves up, especially when we're dieting. We have one mouthful of cheesecake and it's like, “ooh.” It doesn't have to be like that.

Oh, do you have any plans for the winnings?
So, I said all throughout the show that If I won, I would take my little girl to see the snow and I did. So, after I won, the first thing I did is I booked a trip to Breckenridge in Colorado. We went up there for three days and it's probably the best, coolest trip I've ever taken in my life.

Just seeing her in the little snowsuit, running around in the snow was the coolest thing. I think the whole trip – it was myself, her mother and her mother's parents – was probably $6,000 or $7,000. I knew I had money left over and I went and bought a Corvette C8 with the remaining $12,000. So, yeah, so I went to Breckenridge and got a Corvette.  

Check out season two of This is Fire, along with other original content encompassing fitness, cooking, music, comedy, and more on OFTV. Keep up with Nathan on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and, of course, OnlyFans.



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