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Tyra Banks Is Opening Modelland Theme Park

Tyra Banks Is Opening Modelland Theme Park

Tyra Banks Galore Presents GIRLCULT

America’s Next Top Model creator and host, Tyra Banks is bring modeling to the masses with her new Modelland theme park. However, it is sounding more like a mall than a theme park to me.

The supermodel, TV show host and mogul has written books and launched her own production company.

Banks has set her sights on what she just promised Variety will be her “biggest” venture yet: Modelland, a 21,000-square-foot attraction in Santa Monica she plans to open toward the end of this calendar year.

Tyra Banks "Life Size 2" World Premiere - Arrivals
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She doesn’t seem to have a grasp on what the actual concept is.

Here’s what Banks said the would-be theme park: “Modelland is going to be a place where the modeling world meets fantasy, meets entertainment, meets technology, meets retail, meets dining, meets… your fiercest best self you could ever imagine,” she told Variety.

Yeah, that pretty much sounds like a mall.

Banks added, “From the beginning, when creating this attraction, I wanted Modelland to go beyond just a place to go to, but to be a place to feel emotion. You have to go there, you have to be part of it and you have to interact and focus on yourself. It’s all about you.”

Hmm. Okay. So is the place going to be completely lined with mirrors? There needs to be one giant runway as you enter the place. Right?

Tyra Banks "America's Got Talent" Season 13 Live Show Red Carpet
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Here is what the press release says about Modelland:

With Modelland, Banks creates a new world of storytelling and adventure in a grand, fantastical, physical place where all expressions of beauty are celebrated. The multi-level ticketed experience invites all visitors to redefine what a model really is and for people to be the dream versions of themselves. Each will undertake a transformational journey to celebrate their unique beauty. Modelland is a flagship, permanent destination with a global strategy to expand worldwide.

“Modelland has been 10 intense years in the making,” says Banks. “It has been my ultimate dream and I have worked tirelessly with laser-focused tunnel vision to bring it to fruition. Modelland will awaken your childlike glee by entertaining and educating in unexpected ways that will make learning about oneself fierce and fun. I want people to feel seen and validated. Modelland will provide the tools for them to do so and empower them to embrace, adorn and celebrate their own unique beauty.” Embarking on her third year teaching at Stanford Business School, Banks concludes, “Modelland is all about celebrating your flawsome self. We are fun. We are fierce. We are fantasy. And, we are for real.”

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Modelland will create a global community for user-generated content, providing visibility and amplifying a diverse array of voices (all ages, genders, families, Millennials, Gen Z and beyond) inviting the full spectrum of beauty to Feel the Fierce firsthand. The venture will invite select partners in the sectors of beauty, fashion, entertainment, food & beverage, and technology to collaborate on the 360-degree, poly-sensory experiences.

So, there will be a virtual reality photo shoots and runway experience?

Tyra Banks 2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals
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We’ll end things with this ambitious quote from Tyra:

“I’ve always looked up to Walt Disney’s empire. He’s created this world for us that we love as a child, cherish as an adult, and enjoy as a family. It’s his legacy that is never-ending. I have always wanted to create something that exists beyond me, so that when my time on Earth is done, people–young, old, women, men, families, friends–will still have many outlets and physical destinations to visit to be the dream versions of themselves, to have their beauty celebrated and to just let loose and have fun.”



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