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The Week in Drag – All Stars 7 fashions, new Trixie merch, Shangela hits the road and more

The Week in Drag – All Stars 7 fashions, new Trixie merch, Shangela hits the road and more

All Stars 7 fashions

Hello, hello, hello! We are back with our weekly round-up of all things drag!

We’re at the halfway point of the fabulous seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and it’s an extremely close race. Fortunately, we have some of our favorite Ru-cappers to help catch you up on the challenges and stunning runway looks. We also take a quick trip across the globe with news of a new international franchise and the return of the queens from the land down under.

In addition, we have videos from some of our favorite content queens, including Bob, Willam, and Trixie Mattel. There’s lots of entertainment coming your way, so let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on All Stars, the queen-testants take to their sewing machines and glue guns for their second fashion creation challenge of the season. The Vivienne feels like she may have given the platinum plunger to the wrong queen, as Jinkx is the first to admit her lack of dressmaking skill (seemingly the only talent she doesn’t possess.) This week, Mama Ru informs the queens that they need to create a legendary legend look inspired by one of her Zaldy-designed ensembles, including her infamous “facekini” look and the iconic “Supermodel of the World” outfit. 

On the runway, and in front of guest judge Betsey Johnson, the queens strutted their stuff in gorgeous looks. They all get “toots” from me, but Ru and the judges deemed Trinity’s take on Ru’s Tiffany blue season eight promo look and Jaida’s golden Diana Ross-inspired look from VH1’s Divas 2000 tribute to the boss lady herself. (I also adored Raja’s take on Ru’s all-white “Born Naked”/season seven promo look and Viv’s interpretation of Ru’s shimmering DESPY Awards look (also from season seven.) Trinity and Jaida face off in a lip-sync to Jessie J’s “I Want Love.” Both queens turned it out, but Trinity prevailed and bestowed the platinum lunger on Yvie Oddly, who won’t be getting her third Legendary Legend Star next week (when the queens again take on an acting challenge in the hilariously titled holiday flick “Santa’s School for Girls.”

On last week’s episode, the queens took us back to the 2000s and introduced us to their girl groups The Other Ones and M.S.T.R. on Total Request Live. And, on the runway, they paid tribute to the iconic Dolly Parton. Bob the Drag Queen and Derrick Barry discuss the tunes, fashions and drama on “The Pit Stop.”

Yuhua Hamasaki and season 14’s Jasmine Kennedie discuss the fashions from the “Night of 1000 Dollys” runway on “Bootleg Opinions.” I think we can safely say that with this video, Jasmine wins a quick drag challenge.

Joseph Shepherd and Laganja Estranja weigh in on last week’s proceedings on their podcast “Queening Out.”

Miz Cracker and UK vs The World/Drag Race Thailand’s Pangina Heals join Batty Davis and Naysha Lopez in the Windy City for last week’s Roscoe’s Viewing Party.

This week World of Wonder announced that the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will premiere July 30th on WOW Presents Plus. The series will see the fiercest queens across Australia and New Zealand going head-to-head, in the hopes of taking home the title of Down Under’s Drag Superstar. The cast will be ru-vealed at a later date.

If you can’t wait that long to see some international queens, you’re in luck. The premiere of Drag Race France is coming to WOW Presents Plus on June 25th at 11am PT. Season 12’s Nicky Doll, will host the premiere season alongside resident judges – actress and TV host, Daphné Bürki, and French DJ and LGBTQ+ activist, Kiddy Smile. The ten fierce, French queens competing for the title of France’s first Drag Superstar are Elips, Kam Hugh, La Big Bertha, La Briochée, La Grande Dame, La Kahena, Lolita Banana, Lova Ladiva, Paloma, and Soa de Muse.

This week, a new documentary about the true OG, season one winner BeBe Zahara Benet debuted and is now streaming on Fuse+. Being BeBe traces her road from Cameroon to being named America’s Next Drag Superstar to dealing with COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement.

When asked what she wanted fans to take away from the doc, BeBe told Out Magazine, “I want people to be moved. I want people to be inspired. I want people to just get a little clarity on certain things they may have doubts [about]. I want people to start up conversations. I want people to be motivated. I want dreamers to keep dreaming. I want them still going out and celebrating who they are, celebrating identity, celebrating personality, celebrating their gift. And I just hope and pray that it touches not just a particular kind of person, but everybody. That everybody can watch the whole, entire journey. Even if you are not a drag artist, that there’s something in that story that you can take and grasp on to keep you moving in whatever shape or form that is.”

While the topic of this week’s “UNHhhh” is supposed to be change, let’s hope Trixie and Katya never change their ability to deftly move between random topics and completely crack us up every single time.

Trixie talks to Entertainment Tonight about her new Discovery+ series Trixie Motel, All Stars and Queen of the Universe.  

Speaking of Trixie Motel, watch as fellow Wisconsinite Jaida Essence Hall helps Trixie (who is part owner of a bar – This Is It) create a signature drink for her guests.

Trixie, currently on tour in the UK, tries some of the local drugstore makeup again (after her first video trial was a flop), hoping the cosmetics from across the pond can earn redemption.  Was she able to achieve that “London look”? Watch and find out.

I swear this is the last Trixie video I will share this week. In “take my money” news, Trixie has a new phone case from Wildflower, which she shows off in this video from her promotional photo shoot. (You can order the case here.)

Miss Vanjie (who is killing it on her new WOW Presents Plus dating show, Vanjiie: 24 Hours of Love) celebrates Pride by sharing some LGBTQ her-story and explaining the origin of the rainbow flag.

Shangela announced this week the launch of her “Fully Lit” tour. The shows kick off in Washington DC on October 18 and cross the country (but not Atlanta…SOB!) ending in Los Angeles on December 6. Tickets are now on sale at  This week, ET Canada chatted with Shangela about her HBO series We’re Here and Pride.

I got to meet Ongina a few months ago and she’s simply amazing and beautiful. This OG season one queen has released her first makeup palette in a collaboration with Lurella Cosmetics. Check out the Life is a Celebration colors with Ongina and Kimora Blac.

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Cheyenne Jackson

In this week’s flashback, Bob and Monét take us back to season eight’s new wave group challenge on “Sibling Watchery.”

In addition to “Sibling Watchery”, Bob also released this video, where he talks about his obsession with alpha males.

I don’t know about you, but I missed Willam’s Beatdowns. She is back with more hot takes – this week on a white woman taking on the role of Effie in Dreamgirls (no…just no) Chris Rock in drag on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Latrice Royale getting steamy, a TikTok famous person gets scrappy with Asia O’Hara and Gottmik and a magical toothy transformation.

We haven’t caught up with our favorite “Race Chasers” lately, so enjoy watching Willam and Alaska beat their mugs based on face charts created by each other.

Violet Chachki and Gottmik test their friendship on “No Gorge.”

Jujubee is taking the podcast world by storm with her new dating show ‘Queen of Hearts.” Give it a listen (and we’d love to chat about it with you, Juju!)

On Monday, Detox hosted The Queens of Pop Drag Show, presented by BABE Wine at New York’s Haswell Green’s. The Queens of Popcame to slay and you bet they delivered. Music from DJ Riobamba pulsed while the crowd went wild for Jacklynn Hyde as Cher, Baejing as Doja Cat, Nick Gaga as Lady Gaga, and Xunami Muse as Beyoncé. 

Drag Queens of Pop
Drag Queens of Pop
Drag Queens of Pop
Drag Queens of Pop

And that’s it for this week! We’ll leave you with the new single from season 4 winner Sharon Needles. Enjoy “Absolute Zero” and, until next week, stay healthy, stay safe, register to vote and say LOVE!



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