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2019 Will Be Gifted With New Rihanna Album — Morning Brief

2019 Will Be Gifted With New Rihanna Album — Morning Brief


Who’s ready for some new Rihanna music? The singer revealed that her ninth studio album will drop in 2019.

In the comments under a promotional photo for Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line posted on the singer’s Instagram account, a fan wrote: “But when is the album dropping Robyn? Can we have a release date for that?” Riri simply replied: “2019.” Check out that post below.

Her vocal producer, Kuk Harrell, teased in a live Instagram video that the upcoming album, referred to as R9, “is amazing. It’s incredible.”

Congrats are in order for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on marking three years of sobriety!

“2019 will be your year of advancement,” Mike shared in his Instagram Story. As it was previously reported, Mike is gearing up for his 8-month prison sentence for tax evasion.

“[Being sober] really taught me how to just be at peace. It taught me to be more accepting,” he told E! News in 2017. “I live my life today at peace. I try not to have any arguments. I mean, everything in my life has changed. I don’t speed. I don’t get into fights.”

Newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have a new addition to their family — a puppy! Say hello to Oscar.

Drew Barrymore updated her social media followers on her health and fitness journey, explaining that thanks to a lot of hard work, she’d lost 25 lbs. over the course of three months.

“When I look at Instagram, I am made to think I should be at my best self,” Barrymore captioned a side-by-side photo, displaying her incredible progress. “But most days, I lack consistency due to real life. Solution: with the right people (@marniealton) we can make our goals a reality…”

“Here is me in a before pose and then 25 pounds later in the same place,” she said.

“You can tell my face is so much thinner! This takes me so much work. Diet and exercise and fighting like a lion for it! Damn you genetics! And yet thank you for all the good stuff. I love where I come from (JOHN ETHEL LIONEL) and whatever package it comes in. I just know that I have the control to be what I want. Even if it is hard AF!” Drew wrote.

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