Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Engaged? — Morning Brief

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Welcome to the Morning Brief. These are some of the top celebrity and pop culture news stories making news this a.m.

Despite our wanting this to be true, it is not. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not engaged.

Just how much do the Queer Eye guys make per episode? Well, the Riverdale guys are making 5 times as much as they are per episode.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Polish model in New York, legal documents show. The alleged victim claims that the film producer forced her to grope him and subjected her to years of harassment and abuse.

It looks like Heather Locklear is getting sued. She is reportedly going to be sued by the EMT who she drunkenly attacked that landed her in jail.

British actor and model, Josh Whitehouse, will appear in an upcoming Game of Thrones prequel pilot planned for the hit HBO series, Deadline reports. Whitehouse confirmed the casting announcement on his Instagram account Wednesday.

The tracklist for Mariah's Carey‘s upcoming album Caution has been revealed. Mariah's fifteenth studio album is set to drop on November 16.

An unusually creepy Halloween costume — especially for a 2-year-old child — has become a viral sensation since it turned up this week on social media.

And out of costume…

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