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Channing Tatum to release second Sparkella book next year

Channing Tatum to release second Sparkella book next year

Channing Tatum announced a second Sparkella book
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Channing Tatum is set to release his second Sparkella book inspired by his daughter.

The 41-year-old actor released ‘The One and Only Sparkella’ in May this year, which he penned after noticing his eight-year-old daughter Everly – whom he has with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan – was “self-conscious” about wearing one of her favourite outfits to school because she thought other kids would make fun of her.

And following the success of the book, which made Channing a New York Times bestselling author, the ‘Magic Mike’ star is now working on a sequel titled ‘The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan’.

The follow-up book will be released in May 2022, and will once again take inspiration from Everly and her dad’s continued mission to encourage her to “be herself”.

Channing told People magazine: “The second book’s inspiration was a little stop and start. I started to go deeper into her school experience. I ultimately decided that I wanted to keep the second book in the world of Sparkella and her dad’s experience learning from each other, teaching each other, etc.

“The first book was very much about how Sparkella and her father handle/navigate things when they’re nervous about how things are going to go, or how things are going to be.”

The star says he wanted the second book to tackle how kids and parents handle unexpected changes and managing expectations.

He added: “I thought it would be really nice to experience something with the dad and Sparkella that was really about when Sparkella has plans, and the plan is now not going at all how she wanted it to go, and it is now failing.

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“It’s about changing your perspective when things have not gone how you have wanted them to, how do you adapt, how do you change? Maybe the way you wanted things to be could be even better?”

‘The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan’ will be on sale May 3, 2022.



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