Cher files for conservatorship of son Elijah Blue Allman amid his addiction struggles

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In a recent legal development, legendary entertainer Cher has taken the necessary steps to secure control over her son Elijah Blue Allman‘s estate. The 77-year-old filed for a conservatorship, citing concerns about her 47-year-old son's ability to manage his own financial resources. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Elijah is “substantially unable” to handle his finances effectively.

Due to Elijah's current mental and physical health issues, Cher has been unable to discuss his preferences regarding the appointment of a temporary conservator. The confidential supplemental information accompanying the lawsuit sheds light on these challenges, further supporting Cher's claim. Elijah's condition leaves him unable to form or express a preference concerning the conservatorship for his estate.

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Cher's primary worry in seeking this conservatorship stems from her concerns about Elijah's mental health and substance abuse issues. She fears that any financial support provided to him will be squandered on drugs, leaving him without the means to provide for himself and potentially endangering his life.

It's worth noting that these conservatorship proceedings follow Marieangela King‘s allegations against Cher a few months ago. King, Elijah's estranged wife, accused Cher of orchestrating a kidnapping plot targeting Elijah. Cher has adamantly denied these claims, asserting that they hold no truth.

As this legal battle unfolds, fans and entertainment news readers worldwide closely watch Cher's efforts to protect her son's estate. The allegations against her only add another layer of complexity to an already intricate situation. Cher's response to the accusations reminds us that not everything we hear is accurate.

Stay tuned for more updates as the story continues to unfold.



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