COVID Patient Brought Anderson Cooper to Tears After Congratulating Him on the Birth of His Son Wyatt — WATCH

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Anderson Cooper broke down in tears

Anderson Cooper broke down in tears after a coronavirus patient congratulated him following the surrogate birth of his son Wyatt.

The CNN anchorman announced the birth of his son back in April of this year.

CNN correspondent Randi Kaye interviewed a healthcare worker who could potentially lose her hands as she battled the deadly coronavirus but took a moment to congratulate him for the birth of his son.

As she lay in her hospital bed, the healthcare worker told Randi: “On my behalf, could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby? I'm happy that he has a baby and that he's so cute.”

As Randi showed Cooper the sweet shout-out, he quickly took off his glasses to wipe away the tears.

Randi then assured him: “That was the only time she smiled, when she was talking about you and Wyatt.

“She has been in this dark place, she's been on a ventilator for months, she could lose her hands, she hasn't seen her kids in months … and it's been a very scary time for her and she hasn't had any visitors but when we talked about you, she really lit up and she's really clung to that.”

Cooper assured her that he would reach out to her and talk to her.

Watch the touching clip below.

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