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Daniel Craig Loses His Shirt for GQ, Talks Final Bond Film

Daniel Craig Loses His Shirt for GQ, Talks Final Bond Film

Daniel Craig for GQ

James Bond actor Daniel Craig opened up in an interview with GQ about both his first and last days of playing the iconic British spy.

Craig will star in the upcoming 25th film in the franchise, No Time To Die, which recently had its premiere date pushed back several months due to fears of the coronavirus closing down theaters internationally. The film will mark the 52-year-old star’s last time playing Bond.

Craig opened up about what it was like to film his last scenes as James Bond and the emotional roller coaster it took him and the people behind the production on.

Craig explained to the outlet that he’s OK with ending his time as the character with No Time To Die because he believes in its quality.

“I’m really…I’m okay,” he told the outlet. “I don’t think I would have been if I’d done the last film and that had been it. But this, I’m like… Let’s go. Let’s get on with it. I’m fine.”

Daniel Craig for GQ
Photo by Lachlan Bailey for GQ

The film’s director, Cary Fukunaga, noted that he got emotional on the final day of shooting.

“Typically I’m not an emotional person on sets,” Fukunaga said. “But there was a sort of pulsing feeling to that day.”

The director explained that the crew stayed late to witness Craig take his final bow as Bond. After the director gave a short speech about Craig’s five-movie run as the iconic character, it was time for the actor himself to speak. Unfortunately, he admitted that he got too emotional to deliver the coherent closing remarks he’d planned ahead of time.

“I had a whole thing kind of put together in my head that I wanted to say,” he recalled. “I couldn’t get it out.”

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Daniel Craig for GQ
Photo by Lachlan Bailey for GQ

The star also talked about the early days of being Bond. He admitted that he didn’t think he was in serious consideration for the part, which he started auditioning for before his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, announced his exit.

“I remember saying to them early on, ‘I can’t do a Sean Connery impression. I can’t be Pierce [Brosnan]’ … It was literally like, ‘Fuck off. I don’t fucking want this. How dare you? How dare you offer this to me?’ … But it was all defense.”

Okay, Daniel, we get it. You initially struggled with taking on the role of James Bond.

Thanks for taking your shirt off though, for the latest GQ cover story.

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