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Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Full Frontal

Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Full Frontal

Jake Gyllenhaal Jarhead

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A buff and nude Jake Gyllenhaal makes any film worth seeing. Yes, I’d even sit through The Day After Tomorrow 2 if he would strip in that hopefully never made film.

For those of you Jake fans, there are scenes in JarheadJake Gyllenhaal Goes Full Frontal 4 where the soldiers are partying in which Swofford’s privates are covered only by a Santa hat — extended scenes of Gyllenhaal’s bare backside, and a hot shower scene in which he goes full frontal. Granted, the scene is very shadowy, but you can definitely see that Mr. G is not lacking in that department.

Bring it on!

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This article was originally published on November 3, 2005.

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