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Jay-Z Is Now America’s Richest Musician

Jay-Z Is Now America’s Richest Musician

The “greatest trick in music that people ever pulled off,” Jay-Z said to Forbes in 2010, was convincing young aspiring musicians that “you can’t be an artist and make money.” The rapper followed up on his words this week by rising to become the fifth-richest figure on the magazine’s annual ranking of celebrity wealth in America — and the wealthiest musician on the list.

Jay trails behind George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan with his net worth of $900 million — a number that Forbes says comes from an examination of published earnings, private stakes, publicly-traded assets as well as lifetime earnings estimates — but he is the figure who saw the biggest dollar gains. Jay’s net worth has risen $90 million in the last year.

(via Rolling Stone)

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