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K-Pop Fans Overtake White Lives Matter Hashtag to Drown Out Racist Posts

K-Pop Fans Overtake White Lives Matter Hashtag to Drown Out Racist Posts


K-pop fans are using their collective powers to commandeer racist, right-wing social media hashtags like #whitelivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, and #MAGA.

On both Twitter and Instagram, K-pop fans have flooded the aforementioned tags with videos of their favorite K-pop groups, GIFs, and memes.

The barrage of these posts has, at least for a short time, effectively drowned out posts actually related to the hashtags.

As The Verge points out, some extra diligent K-pop stans have targeted hashtags pertaining to very specific, local protests. Earlier this week, the Twitter account for the Kirkland, Washington police requested followers to utilize the #calminkirkland tag in order to submit information about riots and looting. That tag instead was buried in BTS videos.

While some of the posts were met with anger and hostility from people who didn’t get the joke or responded just to the hashtag, far more signaled their approval. At least for a period of time, the posts completely buried nearly all actual racist messages using the hashtag.

Additionally, yesterday K-pop fans also swamped an app developed by the Dallas Police Department in another show of solidarity for the black community.

The police department had requested for people to send in videos of “illegal activity from the protests” that took place in the state over the weekend using a special app called iWatch Dallas. K-pop fans managed to crash the app by posting hundreds of FanCam videos, which are clips of K-pop performances that hone in on one particular band member.

Long live K-Pop fans!


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