Madonna Falls On Her Ass In Real Life As In Her Divorce

Madonna Guy Ritchie

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This was not Madonna‘s weekend. First off, it was reported that Guy Ritchie will be receiving $75 million+ out of her coffers in their divorce settlement. Oh, and their country estate Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, England. And you know that had to sting her in her overmuscled ass a little. Secondly, as she was performing in Rio – bitch went down. Hard. The rainy stage got the better of her. Or it might have been the heart-shaped sunglasses. It must be dark to her with those on! I saw the show, it’s very strobe-lighty!

Ritchie’s payout is supposed to be record-setting over in Jollie Ole’ England. And Madge is reportedly miffed that people were under the impression that he was receiving nothing.

“You can imagine how Madonna feels,’ said a source. “She has been very generous to him. It isn’t about being acrimonious. It is just so inaccurate and unfair and people believe he walked away with nothing. The sums are huge. It is much bigger than the amount paid to Heather Mills by Sir Paul McCartney. Madonna just wants to make that point.”

However, other sources say that the figure isn’t that high and it’s actually between $37 and $45 million. Still….that’s a lot of fish and chips.

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This article was originally published on December 15, 2008.



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