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Mariah Carey Just Won the Bottle Cap Challenge with Her Voice

Mariah Carey Just Won the Bottle Cap Challenge with Her Voice

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The “Bottle Cap Challenge” may officially be over thanks to Mariah Carey’s entry.

The singer took to Twitter to share her attempt at the viral trend, but opted for a very different approach.

The challenge calls for people to show off their kicking prowess by expertly nailing a bottle cap to twist it off without actually knocking over the bottle.

Celebrities and athletes have tried it to varying levels of success, but Mariah Carey knocked her attempt out of the park.

As Carey appeared to ready herself for a kick (while wearing a dress so tight it would be nearly impossible to deliver one with enough precision to take the cap off the bottle), the singer quickly changed course and sang a note so high that the bottle cap flew off the top of the bottle.

While some fans quibbled over whether there was some trick photography involved (there was), many praised Mariah for her creativity and her amazing set of pipes.

Fans were having a hard time dealing with Mariah’s iconic attempt, with many declaring that the viral challenge is as good as over now.

Here are a few other celebrties doing the Bottle Cap Challenge.

John Mayer

Elle Goulding


Jason Statham

Ryan Reynolds (which he uses as an ad for his Aviation Gin as well)

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