Who gave the judges the vulnerability they were looking for on this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6?

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 605 - "Pink Table Talk"

When the queens return to the werk room on this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 episode, they (not surprisingly) discover that everyone except Yara voted to send her packing and Jan revealed she voted for A’Keria Davenport based on her track record.

The next day, they also find a somewhat profane lipstick mirror message from Yara Sofia, who was understandably upset that she was the one to sashay away.

Ru enters and tells the queens that, for this week’s challenge, they need to host and produce their own talk show. Modeled after Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talk, the dolls are tacking some hot topics – sex, body, and motherhood — on Pink Table Talk.

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The queens split up into teams of three – Ginger Minj, Jan and Pandora Boxx are a team, Scarlet Envy, A’Keria and Kylie Sonique Love are another and the last group is made up of Ra’Jah O'Hara, Trinity K. Bonet and Eureka O'Hara.  May the best drag team win.

After the groups are formed, the queens are faced with choosing the topics they want to cover.  Ginger, who announced she’s trying to have a baby and Scarlet, who has two moms are both fighting to discuss motherhood on their show. Scarlet knows she needs to stand out and stands her ground and, in a game of rock/paper/scissors, wins the topic for her team.

Pandora is not thrilled her team has the topic of “body”, as she has had body issues in her own life but Jan insists that discussing it will provide the vulnerability the judges are looking for. Over on team motherhood, Scarlet is delighted, but Ra’Jah reveals she has a strained relationship with her own mother and doesn’t want to come off as weak. 

Meanwhile, A’Keria is excited to discuss sex and Trinity is open to discuss her HIV status. Meanwhile, Scarlet is worried about soft-spoken Kylie taking on the moderator role for her team.

It’s time for the Pink Table Talks. Team Sex is up first. In the opening, Eureka exclaims, “Opinions are like assholes, and I am one!”, which made me laugh way too hard. During their chat, A’Keria reveals she lived for a time as Kiki, a transgender woman. She says that the surgery she got during that time of her life left her bottom half appearing very feminine.

Trinity says that among people with a positive HIV status, there are a lot of secrets and declared “I am nobody’s secret.” When asked if she’s had sex in drag, she said, “Trinity’s a virgin” and said she’s never done the deed as Trinity, but joked, “If you put a ring on it, I’ll role play for you.”

Eureka says she is “unafraid” and is pretty much down for anything and quipped, “What’s this term ‘chubby chaser’? Bitch, I’m not running nowhere!” The queens then had to identify an item inside the “big pink furry box”. It’s a facial exerciser that the queens, of course, raunchily misinterpret (and Eureka again cracked me up when demonstrating the facial exercises.)

Next up, Kylie, Scarlet and Ra’Jah talk motherhood. Scarlet tells the story about her two moms, and it’s so heartwarming. They met later in life (at a yoga class) and they are both named Sherry. Ra’Jah said she envies the relationship Scarlet has with her moms and said that the relationship with her mom is a “work in progress.” Her mom is a church pastor and felt her flamboyance was an embarrassment to her.  Kylie shared advice that helped her in life: “don’t let that hurt child make your grown-up decisions.” She also showed us her adorable fur kid, Gizmo. Inside their box: a citrus reamer (which does look like a certain sex toy.)  

Lastly, it’s team body. Ginger revealed that when she was a kid, she was skinny, but after surgery for a blocked bowel, she started to gain weight. She also pointed out that people on social media are constantly commenting on her weight (which is gross.) Jan chimed in and said that she was also the victim of mean comments but has learned to embrace her body – especially her butt. Pandora discussed ageism in beauty and quipped “I went from being Goldie Hawn to Oldie Hawn.” She also admitted her affection for Botox (same, girl) and Jan joked her name now is “Pandora Botox.” All I know is I need that wig, as she looks fabulous, Botox or not. Inside their box: a vibrating eye stimulator so, yeah, more sex toy jokes.

This week’s runway theme is “Clash of the Patterns” and, as always, there were some gorgeous fashions to be seen. Trinity and Ra’Jah looked amazing in their African print looks, A’Keria had an outfit that gave us Butterick sewing pattern realness, complete with a pincushion purse.  Scarlet’s dress, made of her grandparents’ love letters, was absolutely charming and Pandora’s glamourous take on Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas was everything.

From the judges’ panel, Ru declared Trinity, A’Keria and Eureka as the winning team and picked Ginger as the week’s big winner. Pandora and Ra’Jah are safe, leaving Jan, Kylie and Scarlet in the bottom three.      

When it came time for the lip sync for your legacy, I will admit my jaw dropped when Bianca Del Rio, in full Sunset Boulevard regalia, came out as the assassin but it was a Ru-se, as she was just there as a red herring. Before departing, she shares some words of wisdom, saying, “If you do it right the first time, you don’t have to come back.”

Mayhem Miller was the true assassin this week – and she is a proven force to be reckoned with. The battle song this week was “Phone” by Lizzo and both queens gave a stellar performance that was also a lot of fun.

In the end, Ginger won the lip sync, a $30K tip and reveals she selected the lovely Scarlet Envy to sashay away…but, just like we’ve seen in previous episodes, Ru invites her to play the “game within the game”, so I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.

Since it’s hard to pick one MVP of the week, let’s give props to the tops of the week. Ginger certainly deserved the victory this week, as she shared such a personal story with grace and humor. She gave us the vulnerability that the judges were looking for. Eureka got my vote for the funniest queen of the week, as her into line and facial exercise demonstration were so memorable.

Pandora had the best wig and (regardless of what anyone else says) my favorite runway look (but I am a Disney nerd, so there’s that.) That said, Trinity also served some incredible looks this week, she stunned in her Pink Table Talk and she brought the drama with her African-inspired runway look. And, of course, Bianca Del Rio wins the cameo of the season (so far.)

Next week, the queens’ acting skills are put to the test as they star in a RuPaul-ized version of American Horror Story…and did I see Angela Bassett? Until then, just remember, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an “amen”?


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