Ryan Guzman, Tom Daley, Yasser Marta, and more Insta Snaps

Ryan Guzman

In appreciation of the easy-on-the-eye male celebrities, we bring you — Insta Snaps — featuring your favorite male celebrities and their Instagram photos or videos from the last week.

Ryan Guzman is ready for Season 6, Tom Daley gets thirsty, Yasser Marta and his tent, and more celebrity Insta Snaps.

Yes, we know that these men are much more than just eye candy; they are all talented in their respective professions. That said, allow us to be a little superficial for the moment, especially since some of these pics are definitely thirst traps.

Check out the pics and videos!

Daniel Gama

Chris Salvatore

Mason Gooding

Polo Morin

Mauricio Henao

Manu Rios

Michael Cimino

Mark Wahlberg

Jason Derulo

Vincent Rodriguez III

Tom Daley

Ryan Guzman

Yasser Marta



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