Ryan Reynolds Gives Leap Year ’21-Year-Old’ Arlene Manko Her First ‘Legal’ Drink in Another Genius Aviation Gin Ad

Arlene Manko Aviation Gin

Once again Ryan ReynoldsAviation Gin is showing that they KNOW how to advertise right.

For his latest commercial Reynolds enlisted Arlene Manko, an 86-year-old woman born on a leap day, to her first legal drink.

Arlene’s birthday only comes around every four years, meaning that this is the year she technically turns 21.

Naturally, Ryan wanted her first official dalliance with alcohol to be special, so he treated Arlene to a drink from his Aviation Gin Company.

He made a clip of her trying out the beverage in a video posted on Instagram and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Arlene Manko Aviation Gin

Sitting in an armchair, Arlene kicked things off by announcing that she was technically five when she got married.

In a voice-over, Ryan explained: “Arlene has never had a legal drink in her life.”

The octogenarian looked unimpressed as she deadpanned to the camera: “I had seven kids in 10 years – do you think sometimes I didn’t want a drink? Following the rules and doing what you’re told is important… but I’m ready to party.”

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She then tipped her head back and took a long sip, and exclaimed “Holy Moses!”

Watch the legend that is Arlene below.

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