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SNL Takes on R Kelly-Gayle King Interview, Gwyneth Paltrow Spoofs Goop — WATCH

SNL Takes on R Kelly-Gayle King Interview, Gwyneth Paltrow Spoofs Goop — WATCH

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

The cast of Saturday Night Live mocked R Kelly‘s recent interview with Gayle King on last night’s show (March 09, 2019).

King’s interview with Kelly caused controversy after the singer went on an explosive rant while discussing the allegations levied against him of holding women against their will and having sex with underage girls

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Saturday Night Live regular Kenan Thompson took on the role of Kelly, giving a deadpan performance and insisting King – played by Leslie Jones – call him “victim” rather than Robert.

“Thank you for having me and please just call me victim,” he opened, to which Jones’s King responded: “I am not going to do that.”

Saturday Night Live - Season 44
Will Heath/NBC

Over the course of the sketch, it’s revealed that the rapper’s inner monologue is a sequel to Trapped In The Closet (his bizarre ego-project from 2005), as he came to realize more and more that he was coming off worse than he thought he would.

“You can start a rumor about any celebrity, just like that. All you got to do is press a button on your phone, and say R Kelly did this to me. Then attach a video of me doing that thing and people will believe you, it’s scary.”

“I really want to laugh right now but I can’t tell if this interview if a prank on you or a prank on me,” an exhausted Gayle responds.

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Gwyneth Paltrow dropped by the Weekend Update desk during Saturday Night Live to poke some fun at her own lifestyle company Goop.

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Alec Smith

Heidi Gardner reprised her Goop staffer character, appearing alongside the actual Paltrow in order to hawk the company’s extravagant products.

Saturday Night Live - Season 44
Will Heath/NBC

Gardner noted that Paltrow “doesn’t believe in firing” and calls it “conscious unemploying,” a reference to Paltrow’s divorce announcement in which she noted that she was consciously uncoupling from Chris Martin.

Gardner referred to Paltrow as her supervisor and as “Queen Gwen.”

Paltrow promoted a Himalayan salt scrub and called salt “angry sugar.”

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