The Pop Five — Ben Hazlewood, Michele Morrone, Kylie Minogue, Jessie Ware, and Taylor Swift

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Ben Hazlewood

With music streaming services in abundance and lesser-known artists getting more and more opportunities for their music to be heard, it is easy to miss everything that is released.

Don't feel overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. Every Saturday we are featuring our round-up of some of the week’s best new tracks as well as one or two songs that might not be new this week, but we cannot stop playing.

This is The Pop Five:

Ben Hazlewood — “Revelry”

Australian pop singer Ben Hazlewood is back with a powerful song and a very clever video that features people drinking their problems away while on a Zoom call. We can all relate.

Michele Morrone — “Hard for Me”

Yes, this is the hunk from 365 Days. Get ready to feel some sadness with this mournful breakup song.

Kylie Minogue — “Say Something”

Kylie Minogue returns with the first song of her forthcoming album Disco, which is making us yearn for its November release.

Jessie Ware — “What's Your Pleasure”

We featured her ‘Step Into My Life” video a few weeks back and the video for “What's Your Pleasure” is another stunner!

Taylor Swift — “cardigan”

The song is an exploration of feeling new with someone despite what may come after the newness wears off, and it is just lovely.

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