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The Week in Drag – Bob the Drag Queen, Monét X Change and Peppermint get political, Trixie and Katya get in the ring to talk fighting, and more!

The Week in Drag – Bob the Drag Queen, Monét X Change and Peppermint get political, Trixie and Katya get in the ring to talk fighting, and more!

Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change

Hello, hello, hello! It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Between the last remnants of Halloween and the truly scariest moments we’ve experienced this year, you deserve a break and the queens are here to deliver.

In the latest edition of The Week in Drag, we’ve got some important political discussions that you need to hear as we try to foster a spirit of understanding and tolerance in these turbulent times. And, if you just want a laugh or some fierce fashions and content to bring a smile to your face, we’ve got that as well. Let’s bring it to the runway!

We all assumed Election 2020 would be a multi-day event, but instead of the usual election night coverage, I opted to spend the evening with Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change as they delivered an entertaining live stream.

As I mentioned, sometimes it’s important to give a platform to those you may not agree with, as understanding is often overlooked in today’s world. Bob took some time to listen to a black, gay Trump supporter and take part in some meaningful conversation on “Only Child.”

Another prominent activist, Peppermint, used her platform to get to know what makes a pair of gay Trump supporters tick. Their conversation is definitely worth a listen, regardless of whose side you are on. 

Politics are always scary, but so is Halloween, and we have a few trick or treat leftovers for you. Last week, we were treated to a special on World of Wonder’s YouTube channel. On Bring Back My Ghouls, the radiant Jaida Essence Hall checks in with her fellow season 12 queens, who have some holiday-inspired tricks up their sleeves. Jan gave us a little ASMR, Gigi carved a pumpkin, looking like a Tippi Hedren Birds fantasy. Widow served us some spider realness as she performed Ru’s “Sissy That Walk”, Nicky Doll baked a pie and Jaida hosts a creepy “Snatch Game” with Rock M Sakura’s Pennywise, Crystal Methyd’s Freddy Kreuger and Jackie Cox’s Bride of Frankenstein. Since many of us didn’t get to see The Great Pumpkin this year, this is a fun alternative for sure.

Trixie Mattel and Katya also stayed in the spirit of the spooky season and are back with more scary movie suggestions for you. Trixie serves feline glam and Katya (in a Twin Peaks shirt I must own) as they recommend some Netflix movies that you should add to your queue. The queens watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Eli, Would You Rather, Session 9 and Girls with Balls on the latest installment of “I Like to Watch.”

Also this week, Trixie introduced some new and restocked Trixie Cosmetic products and accessories. If you’re a fan of her lip gloss, OG shades Mellow Drama, Cream Puff, and Snow Cone Glosses and a new pink, Pink Slip, are now available Friday at She also shows off a new Accessories Pack, that includes an enamel lipstick pin, 2 patches, and 4 stickers and an adorable Trixie Cosmetics Beret. Not only are the products fab, but Trixie is such a fun spokesperson.

On the latest episode of “UNHhhh”, the topic is fighting. Listen as Trixie recounts a carjacking, the two discuss if they could kill someone (and how they would do it), Katya schools us on karate punches and how to be non-confrontational. They also discuss post-fight makeup sex, parenting styles and which Drag Race queens would win a fight.  

It’s been a busy week for Bob the Drag Queen. He was the subject of an in-depth interview by Grace Helbig on “Not Too Deep.” Even if you know everything about Bob, hearing her talk just never gets old.

In her ongoing effort to become a YouTube queen, Bob has a fun new challenge video where she attempts to construct a dress in 8 minutes. Can she pull it off? Watch and see.

Lastly, our self-confessed non-makeup artist teams up with Willam for the latest “Paint Me Bitch.” Using a Kennedy Davenport creation that they both had their eye on, Bob creates a fierce look to accompany the dramatic garment (and it really works.)

If there are two things I love, it’s season 12’s Miss Congeniality, Heidi N Closet and chicken wings. Imagine my delight when Heidi devoted the most recent episode of her “Gap Chat” series to the delicious treat. Don’t watch this one on an empty stomach.

After wings, how about some dessert? On “Kitch’N Queen” Monét X Change learns how to bake a sponge cake, with a little help from her friend Jacklynn Hyde.

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A new downloadable comedy special debuting November 12th! Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio bring all the laughs that weren’t in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 and All Stars 5 in Hateful Hags Network, their deliciously naughty comedy slam. Premiering Thursday, November 12th at 8PM on Vimeo, their brand-new roast gives a newsy nod to SNL's Weekend Update, and it will be the first time the pair have appeared together since New Year’s Eve in London.  So much has changed since then and both are ready to super spread their own infectious brand of nothing-nice-to-say humor. “Enough with COVID and politics,” exclaims Bunny. “It’s time for something really important… back-stabbing drag queens!” Bianca agrees. "Due to COVID, some Drag Race queens have opened OnlyFans accounts. Bunny and I would never do that. Not because of any moral objections – because we're ugly!" Bunny and Bianca share an irreverent sense of humor. While some drag queens like to spout platitudes like "Everybody say love!" and others read children's books at drag queen story hours, Bunny and Bianca like insults and dirty jokes. This pair throws more shade than a solar eclipse. They’re double trouble with double the stubble. “If you're overly PC, skip this show,” advises Bunny. “If you're Drag Race fans and love twisted comedy, HHN: Hateful Hags Network is the perfect show for you!" DEBUTS NOVEMBER 12th at 8:00 PM EST on VIMEO!

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Well, that’s all for this week! Until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy and say LOVE!

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