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The Week in Drag – The season 13 queens make the rounds, Trixie Mattel builds a dream house, Nina West sings in the new year, and more

The Week in Drag – The season 13 queens make the rounds, Trixie Mattel builds a dream house, Nina West sings in the new year, and more

RuPauls Drag Race Season 13 cast

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the first Week in Drag for 2021. We are definitely bringing in the new year with lots of fireworks with the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13.  

The latest queens to join the Drag Race royal family have been speaking to the press about the new season and they’ve got lots of tea to spill. In addition to season 13 of Drag Race, we’ve got another season of Drag Race UK coming very soon and Yuhua Hamasaki and Divina De Campo are here to talk about the dolls from across the pond. 

And, if that’s not enough, we’ve got videos from Willam, Trixie, Katya, Bob, Monét and more. Let’s bring it to the runway and kick off a new year of the Week in Drag!  

No spoilers here, but the season 13 queens were happy to share some behind the scenes tales from the shooting of the show.

E! News also had a chance to interview with the new queens campaigning to become America’s Next Drag Superstar.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight, our queen-testants discuss the best and worst advice they received from Drag Race alums.

Since the show filmed during quarantine, this batch of queens is going to have to wait to showcase their talents as they tour the country. In this interview with AV Club, the queens talk about the impact COVID has had on them, what they plan to do post-quarantine and more.

Trixie and Katya are still in the holiday spirit and watch a holiday version of The Great British Baking Show on the latest ”I Like to Watch.” You can watch as they lust over judges Paul Hollywood and Noel Fielding (who I also lust after) as the cast of the series Derry Girls attempt to show off their baking prowess.

On the season five finale of “UNHhhh”, Trixie and Katya have run out of topics and are forced to discuss the weather. Of course, these two can make any mundane subject hilarious and they certainly don’t disappoint here, especially in sharing casting ideas for a drag newscast. Sadly, we will have to wait a while for season six, but this should tide us over for a bit. 

Parents forced to put together elaborate toys for their kids might be able to relate to this clip of Trixie assembling a replica of the 1962 Barbie Dream House. She loses her mind (and a nail) but  

Bob the Drag Queen recreates an iconic Yvie Oddly look as she follows along with a tutorial from the season 11 champ. Orange you glad Bo posted this clip?

Bob and Monét X Change talk all things holidays (and a very “late to the party” Bob discusses the amazing TV show The Comeback) on the latest episode of “Sibling Rivalry.” They definitely need to get Ru on this show.

The always fabulous Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye is Monét latest guest on “The X Change Rate.”

Yuhua Hamasaki and Divina De Campo rate and review the promo looks for season 2 of Drag Race UK on the latest “Bootleg Opinions.” Divina also offers some sage advice to the new queens and gives a subtle shout-out to Mel and Kim. 

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RuPaul's Drag Race

It’s a double dose of the UK queens this week, as Yuhua discusses the latest “Meet the Queens” videos on “Review with a Yu.”

Sum Ting Wong shares her unique spin on the Frock Destroyers “Break Up, Bye Bye” in this holiday gift for us all.

Jaymes Mansfield styles a Paula Young wig and answers fan questions in this video.  

Oh my God, you guys, Jaymes Mansfield takes on one of the most iconic hairdos in television history in this fabulous makeover. Watch as she channels her inner Peg Bundy from Married with Children and creates wig magic. 

Willam celebrated Boxing Day by showcasing her latest holiday haul. She shows off makeup, cute clothes from Skinny Dip and pickled veggies from David Burtka (who also gave her a book and game from hubby Neil Patrick Harris…how do I get on that gift list?)

Well, that wraps up this week in the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race. There’s no better way to welcome 2021 than with a little ditty from the uber-talented Nina West. She asserts “2021 is Gonna Be Fun”, so let’s make it so. Until next week, stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!

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