Britney Spears Receives 5-Year Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Sam Lufti

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Britney Spears and Sam Lufti
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On Thursday (June 13, 2019) a judge issued a five-year restraining order forbidding Britney Spears’ former manager Sam Lufti from contacting the singer or her family or making disparaging statements about them online.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny rejected arguments from Sam's lawyer, Marc Gans, that the order would be a restraint on his free speech as none of his controversial Twitter posts, which largely criticized Britney's circumstances and the people around her, were made directly to individuals or could be considered harassment.

Lutfi, 44, must now stay at least 200 yards away from Britney and her family, make no attempts at contact and avoid making disparaging comments about the star.

Mr. Gans said outside court that they are considering an appeal. Jaime Spears (Britney's father) declined to comment.

Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
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Mr. Spears conceded under questioning from Mr. Gans that he does not have the most peaceful relationship with Spears.

“Me and my daughter's relationship has always been strained,” Mr Spears said.

But in further testimony, Mr Spears described Lutfi as a “predator” on his family for more than a decade.

He told the court how Lutfi, who was close to Britney in 2007 and 2008 and served briefly as her manager, had started harassing the family again in recent months.

“I worried that he was trying to take down the conservatorship,” Spears said from the stand.

Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

“I was very angry. I was worried that we were right back in 2008.”

Britney had a very public breakdown in 2007 and 2008 which resulted in her losing custody of both her sons.

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