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Lil Nas X responds to backlash over his refusal to help his mother after his father defends him

Lil Nas X responds to backlash over his refusal to help his mother after his father defends him

Lil Nas X

Singer Lil Nas X has been involved in a few controversies lately, many of which stem from his music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

However, things got rather personal for the artistic performer when a video of his mother began circulating among fans, showing her on the streets begging for money.

People were quick to criticize Lil Nas X, accusing him of not taking care of his family, despite his riches.

The Neighborhood Talk posted the viral clip of Lil Nas X’s mother onto their Instagram account. In the short video.

Nas’s mother is shown standing at a busy intersection, wearing a yellow tee-shirt and light-washed jeans while holding a sign that presumably reads “feed me.”


The driver capturing the video can be heard adding commentary like, “Isn’t that Lil Nas’s mama?” and expressing profanity against the performer.

The video shows the driver asking the woman to confirm her identification. Although her response is inaudible, it is presumed that she shares that she is, indeed, the mother of the singer.

In response, the driver says, “I knew I recognized you from somewhere.”

The clip is posted in a slideshow, with the first piece of media being an image of Lil Nas X with the caption, “Fans criticize Lil Nas X for not getting his mother off of the street.”

Since this story has gone viral, both Lil Nas X and his father have responded to the harsh claims spreading online like wildfire.

The singer’s father, gospel singer Robert Stafford, shared an image of his ex-wife and his son on his Instagram account, coupling it with a tell-all caption.

In an Instagram post, Nas’ father, Robert Stafford, wrote that the rapper does provide for his parents and that when it comes to his mother’s struggles, a lack of support from Nas isn’t part of the problem. He wrote:

“Despite what people say @lilnasx is the greatest kid a parent can be BLESSED with. Although his mom is in a struggle with an addiction she’s STILL a QUEEN and he goes through great lengths to make sure we’re taking care of. Those who have family members and friends dealing with addiction understands that there ain’t enough money you can throw at this situation to make it right. I dont usually address personal issues publicly but felt like this need to be. Please join us in keeping her in your PRAYERS. And to those out there trying to create a false story you wont prosper. #controlthenarrative”

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Following his father defending him, Lil Nas X posted the following tweet, which has now been deleted:

“I hate speaking on my personal life, but y’all n* don’t know how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep feeling guilty because nothing I tried would help my mom. Paint me as the bad guy all you want but at the end of the day you don’t know me outside of this internet shit.”

Amen, to that.

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