Loki is the new mascot of Lucky Charms limited-edition cereal

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Loki Lucky Charms
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Goodbye, magically delicious. Hello mischievously delicious.

Lucky Charms have been around since 1964. Through the years, they’ve undergone a few cosmetic alterations. The design of the cereal’s mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun has evolved.

Different shaped marshmallows have been added, like blue diamonds in 1975, purple horseshoes in 1983, red balloons in 1989, and rainbows in 1992. (Can you imagine Lucky Charms without rainbows?!? Blasphemy.)

The latest change is a bit more extreme. For a limited time, Lucky Charms is becoming Loki Charms, in honor of the God of Mischief’s new show on Disney+. Y…

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