Taylor Lautner reflects on Twilight rivalry with Robert Pattinson: ‘It was tough’

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Twilight Eclipse

Did you know that Taylor Lautner, our beloved star from the Twilight saga, had some mixed feelings about the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate?

In a recent episode of Call Her Daddy podcast, he spilled the beans about how it affected his relationship with Robert Pattinson, who played the brooding vampire Edward Cullen. Turns out, being caught in the middle of that rivalry wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for our favorite werewolf.

At the tender age he was, it's no wonder that Taylor's feelings got hurt sometimes when they shouldn't have. Can you imagine standing on a balcony with Robert Pattinson while thousands of fans booed him and cheered for Taylor, only to switch it up the next moment? Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! But hey, they had to maintain a certain friendship despite the awkwardness.

Taylor confessed that he and Rob never really connected on a deep level, and it's no surprise. They are two completely different people, after all. But don't get us wrong, Taylor still thinks Rob is fantastic and the sweetest person ever. It's just that they didn't click on that profound level.

Despite the ups and downs, Taylor looks back on his Twilight fame with gratitude. It was a journey of self-discovery and figuring out what truly matters in life. And you know what? He's thankful for all the pros that came with the franchise. The cons? Well, they faded away in comparison.

Can you believe it? Our werewolf heartthrob almost got cut after the first movie! The character he portrayed was supposed to be a scrawny 16-year-old.

“And then in the middle of New Moon he transforms into this … built muscular man.”

Therefore, the casting team planned from the beginning to replace him with a huskier man to better portray the more built Jacob Black.

In addition to re-auditioning for his role, the Sharkboy and Lavagirl star spent nine months packing on about 25 pounds to better mirror his character.

His efforts paid off and he remained in the role of Jacob Black for the remaining three films.

Lautner is still ripped to this day and even called out critics in June who accused him of aging “like a raisin” by taking to social media to flex his biceps.


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