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90 Day Fiance Stars Colt and Larissa Return to Social Media After Divorce Filing

90 Day Fiance Stars Colt and Larissa Return to Social Media After Divorce Filing

90 Day Fiance Stars Colt and Larissa

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, have returned to social media for the first time since news of their divorce made headlines.

Earlier this week, the couple got into an explosive altercation which led to Lima being arrested on domestic battery charges.

The fight reportedly occurred after Lima discovered emails from a pornographic website in Johnson’s phone, which showed that the 33-year-old had made several video purchases.

That fight seemed to have been the final straw for Johnson, as he later filed for divorce from Lima.

Colt, 33, returned to Instagram after deleting his account in the midst of the couple’s nasty fight that led to Larissa’ third arrest on domestic violence charges earlier this week.

He shared a photo of what looked like his wife’s belongings all packed up in boxes and he shared his feelings on their situation.

“I don’t understand my soon to be ex-wife. She comes to America with literally nothing. The suitcases she used for travel I provided for her. On her arrival, I already had clothes waiting for her to wear and everything she needed to start a basic life in America. Over the course of months, I continued to provide for her, gave her shelter, food, and supported her wants and dreams. My sole mission since her arrival was to see that she was happy, taken care for and nurtured. Every time she was in trouble, I was there.”

Meanwhile, Larissa took to Instagram Live to plead for money from fans after GoFundMe shut her page down.

According to Larissa, “haters” reported her page — which as of Saturday raised over $3,000 — and the organization removed it altogether.

“I’m not happy about it, I’m not proud about it, but it’s something that I need your help with now,” Larissa told her followers between tears.



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