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Eminem Confronts Home Intruder in His Living Room

Eminem Confronts Home Intruder in His Living Room

US rapper Eminem performs onstage during the 92nd Oscars

Earlier this month, rapper Eminem apparently had to deal with this intruder himself, as the dude slipped past his sleeping security team around 4 AM.

Someone needs to step up their security!

The intruder is 26-year-old Matthew David Hughes. He’s apparently an Eminem Stan, and happens to have the same name as “Stan’s brother” in Em’s “Bad Guy” Stan sequel, proving that art always imitates life.

Matthew David Hughes
Photo via Macomb County Sheriff Office

He managed to break into Em’s gated Detroit property and made it all the way to the kitchen before coming face to face with Eminem. To enter the kitchen, Hughes reportedly used a stone he found on the pavement outside the property and broke the kitchen window with it before forcing himself inside.

This caused Em’s house alarm to go off, which despite not walking up Em’s security, it did wake up the man himself.

When he saw the intruder, he reportedly yelled for his security guard, who finally woke up it seems and grabbed the guy. The police eventually arrived at the scene and arrested Hughes on two felony charges, first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building.

Hughes is still being held on a $50,000 bail at Macomb County Jail.

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