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Pete Davidson Gave His Mom Jon Hamm for Mother’s Day

Pete Davidson Gave His Mom Jon Hamm for Mother’s Day

Pete Davidson and Mom

Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson must truly love his mom.

Davidson brought his mother Amy into his “Weekend Update” routine, calling her “the greatest roommate in the world.”

The actor recently bought a $1.3 million house in Staten Island, N.Y., for his mother, which they have shared since his break-up with Ariana Grande.

But Davidson did one better on the eve before Mother’s Day — he hooked his single mother up with Jon Hamm.

When asked by “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost what he had planned for the holiday, Davidson replied, “What do you mean? I put her on TV. This is it. Jon Hamm could be single and watching.”

Amy Davidson admitted, “I’d also settle for James Spader.”

But she didn’t have to settle. Hamm was watching and nearby.

As the cast was shown onstage saying farewell at show’s end, a bearded Hamm appeared embracing Amy.

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The two were pictured backstage embracing and were featured on the “SNL” Twitter page with the caption, “Pete’s mom and her Mother’s Day gift.”

Well done, Pete. Well done.

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