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Frock Destroyers

The standout moment of season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was the introduction of the Frock Destroyers.

Queen-teestants Blu Hydrangea, Baga Chipz and Divina De Campo were put together for a singing challenge and brought us the insanely catchy hit “Break Up (Bye Bye)”. The track rocketed through the charts, hitting #3 on iTunes and entering the Big UK Top 40 at #10. The song also made “herstory” by becoming the first-ever Top 10 hit in the UK charts to be performed by a drag group. 

In the brand-new docu-series, Frockumentary, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and recording of the Frock Destroyers' album, Frock4Life, which featured the smash hits “Her Majesty,” “Big Ben” and “Fame Whore”. Frockumentary documents the many obstacles and challenges faced by the group and producers Leland, Freddy Scott and Gabe Lopez (composers, songwriters, and long-time collaborators on RuPaul’s Drag Race).

Frock Destroyers

This tell-all, four-part docu-series charts the ups and the downs of the band to reveal the funny and touching moments that happen when the heels come off and the make-up is washed away. Following the band as they make the album with release it worldwide and embark on their first tour, the series also offers a sneak-peek behind the World of Wonder curtain as it dives into the process of making the album during a global pandemic and following the creative journey with core staff members. 

We were able to steal a few moments with Baga and Blu (while Divina is in rehearsals for her star turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and talk about the series and what’s next for the Frock Destroyers in our exclusive interview.

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I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but did you ever imagine that a song you sang as part of a Drag Race challenge would lead you to all of this?

Blu Hydrangea: Absolutely not – because I think we were the underdogs in that situation, where we weren't picked first. And then we kind of had something to prove. I think in that moment, we kind of knew it was gonna be iconic and it was gonna be like a gay song or whatever. I didn't think we would chart. Didn't think we'd have an album. Didn't think we'd make music videos, but that's been the joy. The whole thing is that I get into work with my friends and do cool things. That's been the best part.

Baga Chipz: When we got in the charts, like, I think I was at G-A-Y and Jeremy said, “you're like number two on the iTunes charts”. And I was like, “What?” I know Ru Paul songs and stuff, but before Frock Destroyers, I'd never known that a drag queen or drag band would be in the charts but it was crazy. And we've got perform in front of thousands of thousands of people around the world. We've even done Morocco. It’s just been a whirlwind.

Frock Destroyers

What was your biggest challenge in recording this album?

Blu: I think for me it's because I can't sing (laughs). Well, it wasn't my intention to make music after Drag Race. So, I think the whole experience was new to me…and then it was even harder. It was harder because we were doing it over Zoom and stuff, but it was great because we were all going through different things during lockdown. I mean our whole industry kind of wasn't a thing anymore. It was impossible for people to go out and enjoy drag in clubs.

It was nice each week to sit down with my mates and write some songs and have fun, because it just made it like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, like something that we can look forward to.  

Frock Destroyers

In addition to recording virtually, what other challenges did you face during the pandemic?

Baga: Well, normally we'd be able to sit down together and write lyrics together, you know, we’d sit round a table and go like, “Oh, I like this lyric. Oh, I like this. Oh, you should say this Blu. Oh, Baga, you should do this bit.” And it was all over Zoom and it was all over phone calls and it's just better creatively when you are all together in the same room. And even when we recorded the album, obviously we had to do tests and masks and it's a bit hard singing when you gotta wear a mask.  

Now you're no strangers to reality television, but what was it like having cameras following you around during this process?

Blu: I think it it's fun because people get to see a different side. When you’re on Drag Race, you're very like the flashiest version of yourself. You know, you have to have the nice outfit. You have to be on form. You have to be performing at your best. Whereas this whole thing kind shows like what it's like behind the curtains.

And in reality, what we were was three queens just trying to create something really fun in a quite a dark time. And I think the documentary is a product of its time, because a lot of its self-shot, a lot of it is us with masks on and trying to stay six feet apart from people and the meet and greets have barriers so that we can't be contacted by the fans. It's all that kind of stuff. So, I think that that's really what it is. It's like a peek behind the curtain at what we did to make this come together.


Do you have a favorite song on the album and if so, why is it your favorite?

Baga: I love “Her Majesty” cause it's just a brilliant beat, you know? It's very British and very regal and it's just a big introduction song to the album. It kicks off like, “We all bow down.” We just did the Palladium and when the music came on for that, the crowd just screamed. I think some people love it more than “Break Up (Bye Bye)”. It's mad.

Blu: I like “Her Majesty” as well, but there is a new rock version of “Break Up (Bye Bye)” that's out at the moment that was released alongside the documentary – and it's incredible.

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What’s next for the Frock Destroyers?

Blu: We're doing LA DragCon and we're traveling up and down the US. We've got Australia. I would love to do more music and hopefully Eurovision. What about you, Baga?

Baga: Yeah, we're going all over America. New York, LA, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Washington, just everywhere. I love the states and New York's my favorite place in the whole wide world. And it's gonna be fab meeting people in person because they always message and they're really supportive and they're just like, “Please come to the US, please come to the US.” And we're bloody coming now, so get ready. The Brits are coming. It's gonna be like Beatlemania!  

Frock Destroyers

Watch Frockumentary on WOW Presents Plus (with new episodes debuting each Tuesday). Follow Frock Destroyers on Twitter and Instagram and listen to Frock4Life on Spotify or wherever you get your music. Keep up with the Frock Destroyers on Twitter (Blu, Baga and Divina) and Instagram (Blu, Baga and Divina.) You can see the Frock Destroyers live on the Voss Events British Invasion tour, get your tickets now. 



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