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Matt Damon and His Family Are Self-Quarantining in a Quaint Town in Ireland

Matt Damon and His Family Are Self-Quarantining in a Quaint Town in Ireland

Matt Damon "The Informant!" Portraits - 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

Matt Damon has been living in South Dublin with his family since he traveled to Ireland to film Ridley Scott movie The Last Duel.

Filming stopped when the COVID-19 outbreak worsened but Damon chose to stay, to the delight of locals.

Damon and his wife, Luciana, along with their three children are currently self-isolating in a house in Dalkey, Ireland, a seaside hamlet southeast of Dublin with a population of 8,000.

While Damon’s presence in the town has become a welcome, if not undeniably unusual, reality for the residents, the question of why is family chose Dalkey to hunker down has left fans puzzled.

According to reports, locals have taken to playfully referring to the actor as Matt O’Damon, and he’s lived a remarkably low-key life in the town, where — due to Ireland’s specific social distancing mandates — residents are required to remain within two kilometers of their houses.

Damon has been going about his business like any other person in the village, while still obliging those who ask to snap a photo. Before the quarantine, which also led the temporary closure of most bars and non-essential businesses, he’d drop in for a pint or a meal.

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